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Funny Take Pictures

Iron Man takes up BalletFunny Iron Man takes up Ballet
Member reactions:

Very well done with the Iron Man costume and its ballet legs were too amazing like the gown and the dance pose of his legs...
Great mold and fantastic work of chop wonderful blendings of legs

Evil Taking OverFunny Evil Taking Over
Member reactions:

Very nice and artistic work, lovely brush work
woooooooooow a faaaaantastic brush work... i love the red ambient light... greatttt work mate

Romney takes a peek, he looks puzzled. Funny Romney takes a peek, he looks puzzled.
Member reactions:

Thank you Balodiya, I do appreciate your comment. It's my first entry since December of 2010. I knew clean and neat wouldn't be nearly enough, just wanted to get back in the game. I was trying to express my disappointment with both candidates, thus the title that doesn't really match the subject. But I bet no one realized that fine suit Mr. Obama was wearing, was worn by a some suit model. I couldn't find a pic I liked, so I did a head paste.

The Hat Takes You To WonderlandFunny The Hat Takes You To Wonderland
Member reactions:

... very well done. I wish you top score.
nice clean work but what's up with the shadows near the mu
Nice concept of the Hat taking to the wonderland, great combination of the Key and the mushroom popping out behind the scene and great background used to justify the image I like it and wanna to go to the wonderland using this hat
Wonderful job Very clean and nice colorful work
Impressive. Worthy to be in Lewis Carrol's book.

Michelle Obama Takes a Vacation in a Mac ComputerFunny Michelle Obama Takes a Vacation in a Mac Computer
Member reactions:

Surreal Hot Air Balloon Taking OffFunny Surreal Hot Air Balloon Taking Off
Member reactions:

Perfect blend one would never know it was shopped
I really like this. Looks like our future or something out of Mad Max
Makes me think of Jules Verne. Freaking brilliant
Fantastic light, shadow, color & composition . . . very excellent work.
the number one for me... 10 ++++ is tooooo beautiful this work... great.
The man is back. JERE JERE JERE. Congrats on the gold.
goood work...go in my Fav...congrats'...^v^

Bill Clinton Taking Pictures at a Nude BeachFunny Bill Clinton Taking Pictures at a Nude Beach
Member reactions:

Hahaha...I think I have seen some of these faces before ....
hey what you doing there Disasterman . cool work ..
Hahaha, look at the two peeps in the water.

Donkey Taking an Exam in ClassroomFunny Donkey Taking an Exam in Classroom
Member reactions:

Redesign the system of exams if you can flip your head then you can see the question Clearly Some Sources
I see chocolate...nom nom nom Nice job.
yeah that's would feed his little brain i guess thanks Macwithfries
thanks alot JoaoN and Boulpix that was hard donkey to work on
Congratulations young genius. This is a beautiful work ...... Light fantastic. beautiful shadows, everything perfectly in its place. sources fantastically arranged. this is making art .............. genius ....... so you use photoshop..
prety cool work kratos .... LoOvE iT big congrats on the gold mat
Congrats on the gold Kratos , excellent piece ..
Golden congrats, great work... love the donkey
thanks alot guys .. i had alot off fun on this one
Yeaah i like this one saif congrats on the gold dude
* good work...Congrats'...go in my Fav...^v^

Peter Dinklage`s Head Taken by a DogFunny Peter Dinklage`s Head Taken by a Dog
Member reactions:

I hope it's not too gruesome...sorry if it is....

Amy Winehouse Taken Too SoonFunny Amy Winehouse Taken Too Soon
Member reactions:

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