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Funny Tails Pictures

Long tailed, short bodiedFunny Long tailed, short bodied
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Red-tailed hawk lays Easter eggFunny Red-tailed hawk lays Easter egg
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Red-tailed hawk lays Easter egg
Crazy things happen everyday... good one like the news link

Red TailsFunny Red Tails
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Hot on the Bandits tail!Funny Hot on the Bandits tail!
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Arnold and Jack....always get their man. *PLEASE VIEW IN FULL*
Fantastic Imagination Very well done hidden

Pin The Tail On ObamaFunny Pin The Tail On Obama
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. It's about time someone bent HIM over
too Hilarious to see this chop nice way of putting the tail
Like I said: "BULLSEYE." Congratulations.
* Good photo-joke dear master_friend...Congrats'...^v^
Great job (though I think the tail pin shoule be a lot sharper - ha). Congrats on the gold.

Acorn Shampoo for Squirrel Tail SoftnessFunny Acorn Shampoo for Squirrel Tail Softness
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From Scratch, except the squirrel and leaf. Credit tutorial 9 for inspiration.
There's a thin acorn shape near the "brown and grey", is it wanted.
No, I fixed it. Looked like I laid an acorn shaped coffee cup on my advertising masterpiece. Thanks.

Three Tailed WhaleFunny Three Tailed Whale
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Blast The Tail on the Donkey!Funny Blast The Tail on the Donkey!
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3 Time Champions: Team Iraq
Awesome. great work with the smoke. Were any donkeys harmed in the making of this chop.
Is that a product of the Crayola Missile corporation, or perhaps a Orange #2.
Excellent face-lift to the famous photo. Silver congratulations, Slick.

KLM Airplane with Missing TailFunny KLM Airplane with Missing Tail
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I think he's flying a little low, unless there's an airport straight ahead.
My apologies, I didn't notice the landing gear down the first time around. Good work.

Pony TailFunny Pony Tail
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Animal Magnetism
interesting, you did a great job selling the merged legs, however the blend suffers as you look from her abdomen upwards, keep practicing.

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