Justin Timberlake at Lake Tahoe
Justin Timberlake at Lake Tahoe
Justin Timberlake at Lake Tahoe. Member reactions:
Excellent very nice chop, CraftLord. It's great seeing your work.

Funny Obama Visits Lake Tahoe

Obama Visits Lake Tahoe
Member reactions:
Awesome caricature work on Trump and O. with a Beautifully colored fish. Great job Hits.
Thanks gang. I was in Tahoe when he came. You never saw sooooooooooo many cops in your life. There was a virtual army of them. Of course I had Joni drive in case we were stopped and I had to show my license. I expect I am on at least one watch list considering some of the unfavorable chops I have done of him. Hahahahahahahahahahahaah

Funny Monster Goldfish In Lake Tahoe

Monster Goldfish In Lake Tahoe
Monster goldfish are breeding in Lake Tahoe
Member reactions:
I freaking wish all hitchhikers looked like that.
What fish. oh, there it is you could have made it 3 times bigger and the hitcher still would have been the 1st thing I saw . Very funny great work "hidden" they have some big ol' cats around them parts as well
Thanks, D-Man. You bet, dd. You were right about the giant cats, Qtrmoonshop. Fixed 'em.
Good Idea Nice to see the cats all around for the fish
Cats were too small to have that large Gold Fish.. good one like the container of it as well
Lovely work with giant fish and as usual cats scratching for it

Funny Chevy Tahoe Car for Kids

Chevy Tahoe Car for Kids
Chevy's new logo: Like a stone. SOURCE PICTURE
Member reactions:
Doesn't look like anything's been really redesigned on this vehicle, other than a size reduction.
There we go. Added smiley faces. Now we're zoomin'.

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