William Howard Taft Caricature
William Howard Taft Caricature
William Howard Taft Caricature. Member reactions:
Thanks Guys.. Mandrake..Basically, light sources are not coming through the window only. There are some low light source inside the room it self. By the way, Thank you for your constructive comment.I have added some shadows on the widow.
Awesome Like the little elephant stunt also..
Nice Elephant and how to balance on the boll. Little Elephant is very smart....
Really awesame, looks like the deflating version of the one in the painting.
Taft was a great choice. You really brought this one into the AAA+ class chop. Congrats on the silver cup, sir..

Funny Willaim Howard Taft on the Biggest Loser

Willaim Howard Taft on the Biggest Loser
He was our fattest president---but not any more.

Funny President Taft in a Weight Loss Advert

President Taft in a Weight Loss Advert
I found this while searching through my local newspaper.
Member reactions:
15 pills a day. .Killer ad copy. Are we having fun yet.

Funny William Howard Taft

William Howard Taft
Member reactions:
Let's see them boys play, I've got their ball bawahahaha

Funny William Taft

William Taft
Member reactions:
Nice idea. Good job. I think it would look nicer with some kind of boarder. Even a thin black line like around the flames banner would give it a more even look.
Beautiful. You know I'd buy this guy's sauce. He's definatly not missed a good meal.

Funny William Taft Eating Fries in Super Size Me

William Taft Eating Fries in Super Size Me

Funny Taft Hairspray Advert

Taft Hairspray Advert
Member reactions:
TAFT Baby. ...hey, i'm just talking about TAFT. Awesome.
Looks like your next stop will be the AD Agency:unique.

Funny Taft and Truman

Taft and Truman
This idea was spawned from one of News Masters favorite comments.
Member reactions:
HAHAHA all I can think of is that commercial where the girl goes into the Crapper and her guy is dancing around outside and knocks her and the Port-aPotty down the hill... FYI.. I am not a greedy money mongering captionist.I am an addicted to Captioning Captionist and I do it for free on some sites Its called Captioneers disease..catch the fever
Funny idea. or should I say "Brilliant."
--> . you would take a long time to get rich captioneering sassy. I figured you were a captioneering fan.
OH BEER its time to potty.... I promise to "try" to limit myself to 2 captions and 1 comment..but if its a funny picture the more I caption the higher the score from me I have been a member of the site since it was born and have watched it grow...and now I get to play too.
--> OMG, you aren't an automated caption machine.

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