New  BMW Defence System
New  BMW Defence System
New BMW Defence System. BMW renders a 42-wheel mega car, proving it might be the coolest car company in the world
Member reactions:
Excellent... The BMW is turned to a Warfare Vehicle good idea

Funny Ilkestyras System Gamma Sektor

Ilkestyras System Gamma Sektor
Member reactions:
Yes, full view is a must, and it is really hard to decide if the red or blue one is better.

Funny Barack Obama's Missile Defense System

Barack Obama's Missile Defense System
Member reactions:
Great idea, very funny, the shadows need a little work, suggest darkeing at the edge of the tyres. Lol at the broken window and Joe Biden, clever and well thought out.
Protect America. We can do it, yes we can.
The defense invention became known as "Slingshot One" Me likey.
"Slingshot One." Good one, Newsy. Wish I would have thought of that. THANKS.
Congrats PR on your 1st woody The broken window and rock embedded in the column is a nice touch too...hehe.
Thanks, Rainman. It feels great to finally get a woody . Thanks for noticing the background extras.
Congrats on the woody, pcrdds. Your first trophy, woo hoo.
Congrats for the wood pcrdds. Cool caricature work.
Thanks, Iboudesign...caricature. HA. I WISH I could do caricature work.

Funny Helicopter Ejection System

Helicopter Ejection System
Member reactions:
hahaha funny concept .. i think it's was real great work too
Very funny idea and great execution. (no pun intended)
OMG Yep this one has me rolling nice work hahaha
Way hilarious. Thanks for the laughs. pcrdds. (great execution.)

Funny Microsoft-Apple Operating System

Microsoft-Apple Operating System
Member reactions:
There seems to be a green line (masking issue) under the box
also at the top and top left. a shame, other than that it's a nice chop
Was in a hurry this morning. Thank you and I corrected it.
Judging by the background, iDow causes major Dow (Jones) crash too. Excellent chop
Nice, I liked this one more than your 1st place winner.
Silver Apple for Rain too - double congrats.

Funny Barack Obama Sound System

Barack Obama Sound System
Member reactions:
ty, sure it works, but it's a prototype. There's a few bugs to work out, so far it only sings "The cow jumped over the moon" and "God save the queen".
You're such a positive influence here, Hidden. We all learn from you.
Rocks for me RM
Congrats Funk. I lied. I didn't give it an 11 but a 9. Love the headset. Is that a pic you found or did you put it together from parts . Wish you would post your sources more often. I always wonder how you put your work together.
Expect no less than perfection; Congrats.
Thanks guys, and yes jeremix, that's a found headset. That was the first source pic I found and built the rest of the image around it.
congrats funk very good idea, very good work
Great work teacher , love all your robot stuff great details .. congrats on the silver
Good steampunking there Mr. F. This is an old aquaintance of mine named Paul Wegner. You might enjoy his approach to freeform connectivity

Funny Barack Obama Cyberdyne Systems

Barack Obama Cyberdyne Systems
Member reactions:
Right down to the Scotch tape. Never miss a detail and I am always amazed. Good luck HidDEn.
Awesome. Alway loved Robbie & is that the ED-209 Robot plans also
Hidden... you are in a class of your own. It's always a thrill to see your entries.
I demand a refund. Kept pressing the "reset" button on my screen and nothing seems to change. Hopefully his Robbie the Robot design will do something. Awesome work.
I liked this one the best of your entries FW. congrats again.
Awesome twosome Congrads, Master Funkster, bow.
Ty, I recently watched "Terminator Salvation". Great movie, it kinda inspired me here.... not sure how robbie got in the mix though, heheh....
Awesome composition in many ways and the reset button is simply a cherry on top.

Funny Rotten Politics System

Rotten Politics System
Main idea: octopus represents the arms of the system, characters changing is the reality than we see on media and the money machine is working on the people souls no matter how much they suffer. The rotten apple represents the main food the system feeds to to work. I dont have nothing against Obama but I have smth against my country government which is exactly like this so lets say i got inspired from my country bad situation.
Member reactions:
Nice job but help me out here what parts are from the Oval Office.
Fantastic chop on itself but I wish more elements were used from the source image than just the two heads.
Congrats-I, still, think this image is a knockout.
Really excellent. I was going to write in comments, "quick' add the couch... They'll ding ya if you don't but got all distracted by some other matters and never got back to comment on this contest til much later and by then.. to late. Now I feel a bit neglegent. Anyway, I have made the same boo-boo in the "picture supplied" type contests and not kept enough related elements. Maybe we all have challanged that tradition if you've been around long enough. As a consolation, your chop is better than that goofball's that won.

Funny First Date Alert System

First Date Alert System
"First Date Early Fart Alert Catching System" (FDEFACS) is designed with the concerned single man in mind. to prevent any slips or accidental gas leakages, FDEFACS catches any embarrassing fumes and alerts you to their presence using you own body's aroma detection system. Happy dating, thanks to FDEFACS ..
Member reactions:
Please see larger view... for some reason the smaller view looks blurry .
Larger view always. This is funny. I farted on the first date once and encouraged the girl to do the same. I said, "Once we get those formalities out of the way we can really begin to become friends."
Hilarious concept. I'd add some slight shadows from the mask onto the collar and the suit. Hits.

Funny Rubik Solar System

Rubik Solar System

Funny Portable Power System

Portable Power System
US Department of Defense announced the open competition for the best design of a portable power system for troopers. The requirements are: the device has to weigh within 8 pounds and be able to power most electronic equipment - radios, global positioning systems, night vision devices - for a single trooper for a period of four days. The new power generator device will replace the current wearable power systems used the US army - they weigh over 19 pounds and include battery pack and solar panel generator with the accessories. DOD will announce the three winners in 2008, and the chosen design will get a $1 million check for the exclusive right to use the design for mass production in the US military. Design or place any portable power system on animals and people. Some examples can be bugs powered by batteries, elephants wearing solar panels, and people having carrying small power plants on their backs. Your power system can be actually carried, worn, or built in the animal / person like in the example with batteries.

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