Salis Opens A New Kosher Syrian Restaurant
Salis Opens A New Kosher Syrian Restaurant
Salis Opens A New Kosher Syrian Restaurant. That's one tasty Pastrami on rye.
Member reactions:
"Kosher Syrian..."(.) Looks like HIDDEN is loose again.
, the taped sideburns cracked me up the most.. Hilarious as always hidden..
smoookeeeeeeeee Special sandwich
Lot of flesh in a couple of bread slices with Cigarette is complementary ha ha
Another great effort; always humorous and tasteful.
Yes, he did, he could marry fellow Syrian Jew, Paula Abdul.

Funny Mr. Bioillogical Assad in Syrian Lab

Mr. Bioillogical Assad in Syrian Lab
Syria Regime 'May Have' Chemical Weapons
Member reactions:
Very clean and neat job done The lab looks excellent. Great job done
Excellent colorful look with colorful face... it can be the chemical reaction well done to put the atom style balloons in that room good one
nice work, I especially like the face coloration.

Funny Barack Obama Digging Himself Into a Hole in Regards to Syrian Foreign Policy

Barack Obama Digging Himself Into a Hole in Regards to Syrian Foreign Policy
Member reactions:
hmmm whats he shoveling,,
Great chop nice merge of Obama face to it.. very well blended...

Funny Women Crossing Syrian Sign

Women Crossing Syrian Sign
These signs are needed after dark in particular.
Member reactions:
Good design for Women Crossing board like the scorpion and camel but the bird looks bit bigger than usual

Funny Syrian Rebel Road Signs

Syrian Rebel Road Signs
Member reactions:
That Islam sign board is good, it shows Islam everywhere and the Muslim brotherhood is touching act good one

Funny Syrian Olympic Training Field

Syrian Olympic Training Field
Member reactions:
You got the winning position hidden, great thought and nice work

Funny New Syrian Road Sign

New Syrian Road Sign

Funny President Assad vs Syrian People

President Assad vs Syrian People
The President vs Syrian People
Member reactions:
everyone wants a piece of the cake, not only him, his Opponents too.., and who's paying the price. the people in the streets. sooner or later, there will be no cake to fight for..... Sigh great job hidden.
Very well done, hidden. Great depiction of this truly evil monster.
God.... I forgot about you......awesome work.... ..whats next I say..Brilliant work my friend..
Your work don't need any support of the story.. Even conceptually you have made it perfect(Speech Free X), I personally appreciate your work hidden. Love this entry Wonderful work.
Excellent... Smoking emitting from the Gun and moving upwards is wonderful Great merge of the Dagger from the Tie is wonderful. You have all the weapons to protect good job
thank you for this chop Jockey-man, great Caption.

Funny Bashar Assad Syrian President

Bashar Assad Syrian President
shown: Syrian President Bashar Assad source
Member reactions:
she's a woman with a long robe, you can check the link to the sources UP ..
Hmmmmm...wonder who could have done this great job. Bwahahahahah.
Nice work but, the Jack boots need a shine.
thanx everyone .. did some editing geriatric.
Impressive chop, but please edit the cap to get rid of Nazi sign there, as Nazi reference is not allowed at FN.
. how did you make it look like a cartoon.
I'm shocked this was done by salis...NOT. Congrats, Young salis. Another masterpiece for your portfolio.
Congratulations Salis2006. Always great work.
This is by far one of my favorites of yours and is flawless perfect and truly a Time magazine cover. His face is haunting. Congrats salis.
thanx alot everyone for your nice comments and votes. and I am very sorry to know that there is a Nazy Sign on the cap, I didn't notice it earlier,I just wanted him to look like a war general, didn't wanna promote hatred. so my Apologies once again..
Congrats on the win, Salis. You da man. (The edited non-Nazi version is now loaded too )

Funny Barack Obama with Evidence of Syrian Attack

Barack Obama with Evidence of Syrian Attack
"...the problem is that being in non digital format we are not able to print them anymore..."

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