United Nations on Sydney Skyline
United Nations on Sydney Skyline
United Nations on Sydney Skyline. Member reactions:
All the major skylines come together well done... like it
They do look kinda busy but interesting together.
Thanks guys. Had fun with this one, changing the colours so all the buildings looked like they belonged together...

Funny Kylie Minogue at the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Kylie Minogue at the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Member reactions:
Nice fireworks behind... Probably its a celebration for her day .. and Lovely Kangaroos enjoying with her

Funny Sydney Upside Down or Rightside Up?

Sydney Upside Down or Rightside Up?
Which way is up.
Member reactions:
Anyone know why it shows 87 comments when there are only 4.

Funny Sydney Harbour by Renoir

Sydney Harbour by Renoir
Member reactions:
Very well intergrated into the painting. One of my favorites.

Funny Sydney and Max

Sydney and Max
Member reactions:
Good one
Woody congrats, lady pree. I hope Max thaws out quickly.
ha. paul... thanks everyone ..
Great job as usual.....cute and edgy all at the same time.
great work preemiemem .. congrats on woody keep going

Funny Saluting Sydney Opera House

Saluting Sydney Opera House

Funny Sydney's Secret

Sydney's Secret
Member reactions:
Such a pretty young girl, she's growing so fast now. Beautiful imagery
better than average.
Very nice Pree, is this just before the rabbit stew. I kid. I like it.
Beautiful chop. The model is your daughter, pree.
yes newsy shes getting big.,, she is an actress she was in a movie called ,, palindromes ,, she played el

Funny Sydney Opera Canyon

Sydney Opera Canyon
Member reactions:
Good job. Such prospect is scaring me. Might cheer up Al Gore though.

Funny Sydney Pop Art Poster

Sydney Pop Art Poster
i scanned my daughters class picture and had a ball.
Member reactions:
Now all you have to do is insert her in that 80's music video "Take on Me"
Reminds me some Warhol-like pop-art. Good job
Cool pic. How do your daughter like to be on Freaking News .

Funny Sydney Opera House in a Bottle

Sydney Opera House in a Bottle
Member reactions:
Sydney...Nice change of background from your original submission using same bottle pic.
yes, I have this bottle and I have done several studies on it. Me pleased by the quality and the color blue that I love.
Kellie has seen every chop on the internets.
Cool chop. Jer.
LoL Jerr, my internet is just bigger than yours

Funny Sydney Pollack Tribute

Sydney Pollack Tribute
Hollywood legend Sydney Pollack died of cancer at his Los Angeles home at the age of 73. Academy award winner Pollack will be remembered for his movies by millions of people who love them as well by numerous stars that worked with Pollack. Some of his most famous films are "Out of Africa," "Tootsie," "Absence of Malice," and "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" Unlike many other directors, Pollack was also a movie and television actor. Last fall, Pollack played law firm boss in "Michael Clayton," which he co-produced and received seven Oscar nominations. Hollywood will miss the Pollack's talent, and so will millions of fans worldwide, including us at Freaking News. To pay a tribute to Sydney Pollack, photoshop anything related to him - his movies, or Pollack himself any way you wish. Imagine what roles he could have played in his movies, photoshop Sydney in paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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