Mightier than the sword
Mightier than the sword
Mightier than the sword.

Funny Cat in a Mask with a Sword Riding on a Dog

Cat in a Mask with a Sword Riding on a Dog
The rider cat is here for revenge
Member reactions:
Here is a trick for hair extending out: make a brush with just random dots. Use that brush with the smudge tool, and you'll say .
Not fair, you pulled the cute card hahahaha. Delightful. Congrats on the cup
I was going to offer the same advice as MsgtBob -- it's brush #100, I believe. I duplicate the layer, then use the smudge with a hardness of 100 and small and a less than 100 strength. Then a little masking of the edge of the layer on top and they'll blend, but with hairs instead of smooth. The other way is to use the magic wand on the negative space, choose select inverse, then use the modify edge so the marquee moves out from the edge. Create a new layer and use the paint brush with a small hard tip and sample colors from the fur to rapidly draw hair away from the animal, but not too far. You probably know this, but I love your work and if this had better hair work, it'd be up there for Gold. Terrifically cute and creative. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Weary Warrior with a Sword at Sunset

Weary Warrior with a Sword at Sunset
Model: Jazmine Dominique Photographer: Marcus J. Ranum source images The Best View
Member reactions:
Excellent. Love the burning skeleton with the arrow and how you blended all the items. Very cinematic.
Yes, very impressive, Mr. Hidden. The gates are Japanese, right. They always remended the letter Pi for me
Thank you Jeremix. I have seen a lot of fires set lately. Glad you like this one.
Thanks Newsmaster. Yes it's a Japanese Gate. I believe it to be a Hachiman Torii.
Thanks for the source images, shows the work in building this masterpiece.
A master work for sure. Makes me want to just toss my chops into a camp fire.
Mood chop, killer theme full of silence and thrill in the air
Thanks Uncle-C. Lots Of Enjoyable Work. Thanks very much Hits. Thanks, but don't do that Gummy. But if you do, make sure to bring some marshmallows and a stick wit ya. Thanks Eric. Thanks Lu. I'm not sure why your laughing, but that's cool. It's healthy for us to laugh.
congrats Spltski. This chop grew on me. What ya hang in the tree.
Silver congrats, Splat. Love the lighting.
Silver Congrats Splats ... thoughtful and mood provoking in composition, color tone, and execution alike
Silver sword for Splat Samurai. Congrats. Nice new avatar too
Thanks very much Bob. Thanks Jere... a different sort of W.I.P. wouldn't you say. It's a Hanged Bird, Jere. ..I tried the word hung instead of hanged, and it just sounds wrong... Thanks, Paul. Due to MsgtBob's lighting tips. Thanks QTR-Moon. Very Much Appreciated... Thanks, Newsy. It's a caricature of myself. I probably didn't make the forehead big enough.. Thanks, Gumster.
Silver Congrats S.S. great choice of sources, turned into an awesome piece of artwork.
Congrats on the silver SplatShot,You never fail to amaze

Funny Obama and Netanyahu Fighting with Samurai Swords

Obama and Netanyahu Fighting with Samurai Swords
Samurai Diplomats. Obama Miffed at Netanyahu For Protocol Snub
Member reactions:
Obama doesn't looks intense for this serious Samurai costume
Superb job. The only doubt is about Netanyahu's sword. Should it be in front or behind Obama's head . But a minor question.

Funny Gorilla Pirate with a Sword

Gorilla Pirate with a Sword
Member reactions:
Like the concept of war Monkeys of the Caribbean
Genius use of the source Monkey and the stack picture, love it

Funny Man Playing a Samurai Sword Flute

Man Playing a Samurai Sword Flute
looks best in original format
Member reactions:
thanks. hope you'll still like it after the edit.
Great interpretation of the contest theme.
Now the samurai is playing the melody "Jere Jere Jere, congrats on the gold."
Congratulations wining the Gold, Jeremix. Excellent piece of work
Congrats, Jeremix. It was true the best in the contest.

Funny Woman with a Sword in a Castle in Ireland

Woman with a Sword in a Castle in Ireland
Visually producing depth was my thought in the assemblage of this scene. Checkout the source images please. Source Images
Member reactions:
Very impressive, hidden. The depth / perspective feels really well here. Who's the spooky creature looking from the castle corner.
Thanks News-Z. And Great, I appreciate the feed back. Spooky Guy (Stephan) is an immortal Werewolf. His Image is now linked in the Source images above. Along with a number of others.
Super chop hidden, fantastic work full of sensation
Freaking brilliant chop. Castle, atmosphere, proportions, all is OK.
Thanks Lu, Balo, and Eric. Very much appreciated guys.
Congrats SS. got inspired by the new episode of game of thrones.
Congrats, SplatShot . Perfect romantic work.
Thanks Bob. Thank you Geri. Thanks Jere. A great HBO series, no...but maybe I should. The Walk of Punishment looks pretty interesting. Thanks Friend, Wanderer. Just working on a couple of techniques and well this is what turned up. Thanks Everyone for the votes and great comments.
Splendid. Nicely built and a great win without frills, bells and whistles. Congrats mate
Thanks Hitz. Yes, I was worried, like you have mentioned before, that it was blended together so well that it really didn't look like much of an effort.(no glitz) I was prepared for it to do much worse. Needless to say, I am pleased with the finish.
Thanks friend. Great to see you posting again Silver-C.

Funny Woman with Sword Digital Art

Woman with Sword Digital Art
I found a picture of the scarf in this picture and used the Transformation and the Puppet Warp tools to transform it into a cape for this woman. I also found a picture of the sword but drew in another hilt since the hilt was lower on the original sword. The rest of the picture is my own digital art. Mixed media.
Member reactions:
Top 5 finish... congrats Joan. Salmon colored Skull robe... no that is stepping pretty far out of the stereotype Nice one.
Great Work and Congratulations on the top 5 finish Joan. Love the skulls. Great choice of attire.

Funny Statue with a Sword

Statue with a Sword

Funny Sword Bottle Opener

Sword Bottle Opener
Member reactions:
This is very innovative use of knife for a bottle opener

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