Vladimir Putin and Pregnant Kabayeva in Switzerland
Vladimir Putin and Pregnant Kabayeva in Switzerland
Vladimir Putin and Pregnant Kabayeva in Switzerland. News link
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Made the link clickable for you. Great chop.
Literally spit on the screen...see putin seems to be nut5ss
Very funny chop. Is Switzerlan instead of Switzerland intended .

Funny Switzerland Tourism Advert

Switzerland Tourism Advert
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Congrats Rain. Long time no see in the contests. I love this chop.
Thanks all, these is what happens to alphorns when the economy goes to pot.
Good 2cu in the players area again Rain, let alone the winners circle
Congrats AZ, nice chop. Good to see ya back.
This was Really Super Clean and Well Proportioned. Great Chop.
Congrats Rain... I really missed your chops man, welcome back..
Hey Rain Howz you. Very Clean work. Congrts Man
Congratulations. Nice to see you back, Rain.
It's raining again, at FN. Congratulations, mate.

Funny Switzerland was first!

Switzerland was first!
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The lens flare effect is nice but the lower half should be positioned behind the horizon line of the landscape.
Landlocked Switzerland makes the first moon landing, from a boat they found beside a lake.
landlocked like the moon thanks for the comment. I like it .....

Funny Switzerland

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A stray left over from when Hannibal crossed the Alps.
very good, but the halo around it is quite distracting

Funny He could be cute Student from Switzerland

He could be cute Student from Switzerland

Funny Alice in Switzerland

Alice in Switzerland

Funny Switzerland - get natural.

Switzerland - get natural.
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I wondered where SUM YUNG MOONs headquarters was..
They were caught by the cop who never forgets the face...
Switzerland, freezing our ass off since 1499

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