Vladimir Putin With Swine Flu
Vladimir Putin With Swine Flu
Vladimir Putin With Swine Flu. Member reactions:
Crazy thoughts.... by putting him under the influence of swine flu good one
So cute Freaky nose ear eye and the SMILE
Shouldn't be better with ears and nose of a real pig color . . Apply also some shadow around his neck.

Funny Berlusconi with Swine Flu

Berlusconi with Swine Flu
The last H1N1 flu case; but absolutely devastating...
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Funny Cat With Swine Flu

Cat With Swine Flu
Iowa Cat Catches Swine Flu
Member reactions:
that was amazing weamara keep up top works and big welcome to freakingnews

Funny Barack Obama Swine Flu Brainwashing

Barack Obama Swine Flu Brainwashing
Obama Declares Swine Flu A "National Emergency"
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I especially love the looks through the glass. Excellent work. Meert.
Thanks all Swine flu brainswash is also effective to shrinking your noggin down to walnut in 2 weeks.
This is just to darn cute. Good job AZ on the pic and congrats on the win.
I was sure of that you who did this great chop teacher always great always rocker ... congrats on the great gold and keep up top works

Funny Chinese Saw Movie Swine Flu Vaccine

Chinese Saw Movie Swine Flu Vaccine
First batches of swine flu vaccine are here MSNBC Saw - Official Movie Site The Sources
Member reactions:
Looks a bit scary to me. Impressive stuff.
Nuevamente en el podio, nuevamente entre los top3. Felicidades por el bronce.
Love the white skin. Very intersting composition.
As always FANTASTIC Work congrats on the bronze and keep up great works teacher
On second look, I should have scored this one higher than I did. Clever use of syringes AZ.

Funny Pig Girl in Swine Flu Mask

Pig Girl in Swine Flu Mask
NEVER mind the size of her ears, or nose, or hoofs. It's the girl with the narrow set eyes you should avoid...
Member reactions:
Clean blending, and I liked the creator's comments.
I looked at this a long time. It is really well done in as simple as it is. Very believable, hugs reality
Thanks a lot fellows. Gold stars are always appreciated, but your comments mean even more..

Funny Bad Swine Flu Jokes

Bad Swine Flu Jokes
*dodges the fruit and vegetables flying at him*

Funny Swine Flu Pig School Bus

Swine Flu Pig School Bus
Member reactions:
Hilarious. I especially like what you've done on the school bus.
Let me guess ... woman driver. Great work
..... This was yours. It was so cute...... Congrats on silver.
thanks guys, 3 trophies on my birthday woo hoo
Yeah... I had to add a comment on that on your birthday thread....
A Tripple dipper.............. That is better than first. I have never had one of those. I'm envious... Nicely done silver and Bronze and woody... dang dude.. Now I feel bad, you could have swept the top like Rain has done. What a rare honor
congrats on tripple Hits mate. great pics
Love this one. Congrats Jerry... Love the bus... very fun and well done chop.
Congrats on the triple win Jerry. 2 triples in a row.. you're on a roll.
don't feel bad Hit, your chop was the tops, thanks again everyone

Funny Swine Flu Pig School Road Sign

Swine Flu Pig School Road Sign
Member reactions:
bold, simple, effective, fun, and cute. well done
ps - when I say simple, I don't mean technically, I mean in concept. I'm certain there was blankaging going on and it's well done with the little touches.
Congrats on bronze..... Two-fer for your birthday.. woohoo.
Edit: When I said two-fer, I didn't know at the time you had fourth place, too... I was just going down the listing....
nice...like the bird droppings.
Creative, well done chop again for two victories... Congrats, Jerry.

Funny Swine Flu Over City

Swine Flu Over City
Swine Flu Death Toll Passes 1,000 Mark: WHO
Member reactions:
I couldn't remember how to post source pic's
You can use a free image hosting website (imageshack.us, for instance, but many others are available on the web) to post your source pictures. Then, you can post the link (provided by the image hosting site) to your source pictures here... Use BBCode syntax, not HTML. By the way, your chop is nice and reminds me of Pink Floyd's flying pig...
Thanks, PF's pig is pink and has no wings, but the nose is a dead ringer ;^)
I know. Pink Floyd sometimes used a black flying pig, but more often a pink one, yes. I just meant that your picture make me think about it even if it is not identical, of course.
I hear ya, I do the same. I got to see them a few times, The Best.
Finally we can say Swine Flew. Good concept and execution. Another goody from DC.
Thanks Guy's, long sit on this one. Morphed 4 animals and spent 2 hrs drawing in all the hair. Is that not the uglyist face you ever saw. A Bornean Bearded Pig but they have no tusks.

Funny Swine Flu Schools

Swine Flu Schools
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday that people should expect "a big influx" of swine flu cases this fall especially due to the start of the school year. Education Secretary Arne Duncan added: "We got a little bit lucky in the last school year, because the H1N1 didn't surface until very near the end of the academic year. We're not going to be so lucky this year." Schools with high number of swine flu cases will be quarantined. To help increase the public awareness of swine flu spread in schools, photoshop pigs in schools any way you wish.

Funny Swine Flu Masks

Swine Flu Masks
As a Swine Flu protective measure, many people in Mexico and USA started to wear medical masks in public places. More and more people take this necessity with a grain of humor and give their masks some interesting paint jobs - see example 1 and example 2. Take any celebrity or politician and put swine flu mask on them, with some paint job. Let's show what swine flu masks celebrities may(or may not) choose, or the masks they deserve.

Funny Swine Flu

Swine Flu
Swine Flu fear is shaking the whole world - from Mexico and USA to Spain and Asia and New Zealand. The Swine Flu virus mutated on pigs and is transmitted to humans. Let's hope the world stops the spread of the swine flu virus as soon as possible. Meanwhile, to increase the world awareness of swine flu, merge pigs with any animals or humans any way you wish.

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