Bruce Jenner in Retro Swimsuit Advert
Bruce Jenner in Retro Swimsuit Advert
Bruce Jenner in Retro Swimsuit Advert. Member reactions:
doesn't look like one of the kardashians...if thats who its mean to be
It's Caitlyn, aka Bruce Jenner, aka Step Daddy Kardasian in his new gender.

Funny Plus Size Swimsuit Models

Plus Size Swimsuit Models
Plus size woman to be in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue Melissa McCarthy and Oprah Winfrey demonstrate how plus size women can still be attractive in bathing suits.
Member reactions:
Quality image, but fat shaming.
Thanks, Andrew, Bob, Tim and Funkmeister.

Funny Meg Ryan Swimsuit Model

Meg Ryan Swimsuit Model
Please view full
Member reactions:
OMG...I'm in love. Incredible job, hidden.
Thanks Paul....being 50 isn't so bad when you have Photoshop
This was with out a gift before wasn't it just wondering
That's right Picasso, I didn't give her the Birthday Present until Saturday night
Did you give her gift because you Wanted to or did someone asked you to Cover there good job by the way
Thanks....I just thought it would be a nice addition since its her Birthday.
Tasteful and appealing chop D-Man. Congratulations.
Woody congrats, D-Man. Did she like your gift.
im not asking whats in the box,,,, but congratsss..
Excellent work jim... Congrats on the woody bro...
Hahaha . Congrats D-MAN . Very well done .

Funny Paula Abdul the Swimsuit Model

Paula Abdul the Swimsuit Model
Member reactions:
Remove or tone down the highlight line on her chin line on the shadow side so the shadow doesn't have such a distinguished line through it - and it will be very believable. Also her face is a tad too bright compared to the body (just a bit like 5% of so)

Funny Pamela Anderson Rainbow Swimsuit

Pamela Anderson Rainbow Swimsuit

Funny Vladimir Putin in a Swimsuit

Vladimir Putin in a Swimsuit
Member reactions:
Congrat's Babaloo, Too much , but much ... Putin, he he Happinesses.. Mandrak
Funny chop. Love the lipstick. Congrats Babaloo.
Congrats babaloo. Putin in a bikini is kinda scary.
NT Times Blog link here, way to go Baba...

Funny Doritos Swimsuit

Doritos Swimsuit
Member reactions:
very nice attention to light. I like this.

Funny Swimsuit by Monica Lewinsky

Swimsuit by Monica Lewinsky
Comes with a complimentary prescription of Viagra. View Full for better detail.

Funny Swimsuit Calendar of the past

Swimsuit Calendar of the past
What would the sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition look like almost 100 years ago.
Member reactions:
Very good. Time really changes styles, doesn't it.

Funny Swimsuit Model on the Beach Digital Art

Swimsuit Model on the Beach Digital Art
The face was drawn using an old picture of Elizabeth Taylor as reference. The rest of the picture was drawn using another picture for reference. digital art.
Member reactions:
I would do hair in different shades, not just all black

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