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Funny Swimming Pictures

How to swimFunny How to swim
Member reactions:

1) I'm gonna suicide 2) Why did I leave my swimsuit at home . 3) Are you sure there are no jaws around . 4) .......
So How to Swim arises some freaky questions.... look another contest to find answers crazy work and good chop in putting these characters together

I believe I can swimFunny I believe I can swim
Member reactions:

work quality work, one of my favorites, I think the legs Penguin Should look behind the cow. but overall excellent. good luck
Ha. The Cow just cracks me up. Excellent Job.
Nice concept..but who will win in this competition.
Really the best idea in the whole bunch . Rates really high on my WTF-O-meter

Polar Bear SwimFunny Polar Bear Swim
Member reactions:

Looks like the top bear is holding a huge tablet of some kind

Endless swimFunny Endless swim
Member reactions:

Well merge of water effect on the road good job.... clean and clear its looks good

SwimmingFunny Swimming
Member reactions:

... love the polar bear love the dive and swimming alone good chop... nice removal of all the source images

Oh, It's Synchronized `Swimming`? Funny Oh, It's Synchronized `Swimming`?
Member reactions:

I feel that everybody forgets that iceland exists. I HAD to represent them somehow. Unfortunately all that i know them for is volcanoes and Bjork. So, I capitalized on both of those things. And besides, if riding a team of synchronised swans out of an active volcano doesn't get you some kind of gold, then the Olympics is even more lame than we all thought it was to begin with.
Excellent work with Swans and the Olympic race begins in Iceland good representation of the Country...
Its very nice, good blur background and cool font

Kid Having Swimming Lessons at Dangerous BeachFunny Kid Having Swimming Lessons at Dangerous Beach
Member reactions:

,Great job. so fantastic and very well done. Awesome expression and perfect context with concept Good luck
Yes.... Swimming lessons are necessary for him to get ride of that big tide Excellent work on his facial expression with good detailing and well executed
Thanks all...good sources makes a lot of difference.
allways a pleasure, Rainy. Enjoy the win.
This would be perfect for a beach poster. Congrats on the gold, AZ.
Very Cool Mr. "Reign"man Love the clarity, and the animation and action of the figure against the wave great expression on the kid, it has a Norman Rockwell appeal Gold Congrats.

Swim with the SharksFunny Swim with the Sharks
Member reactions:

I see where u got ur idea/source from Cool ad...
The ad is a well known classic award winner from Leo Burnett Agency-France.
Excellent concept of Ipad the stuff keeps protected inside the water also

Strange Men Ice SwimmingFunny Strange Men Ice Swimming
Member reactions:

Hilarious. You know, of course I charge for head use. .
And he isn't anymore muscular ... Big feet and no muscle hahaha .
Big feet, big.................. . Bwahahahahahahahahhahah
We can't know it, he wears a bath towel.. Sorry ... Hahaha .
Now this is one twisted couple. Funny to be sure.
You know what they say about a man with big feet....
D-MAN : l m a o . Hahaha .
Thanks everyone. Sorry D, sorry Paul. Bwahahahahahahahahahahah

Barack Obama Swimming in a Flood with Joe BidenFunny Barack Obama Swimming in a Flood with Joe Biden
Member reactions:

Obama Ends Vacation Early in Preparation for Irene
Maybe they should pick a sunnier venue like Afghanistan next time. Humorous image.
nice chop and blend; lighting is a bir off.
Thanks Toadly, I think it's better now
great pic d-man......i had a good laugh
Great blending..ahhhhh photo realistic . Fantastic.

Swimming PoolFunny Swimming Pool - You are asked to photoshop this image in any way you like. This image was taken by hygglobert. We are asking you to use your creativity and create any new image using this picture. Part of the source image must be used in your entry. You will have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Typical FreakingNews entry guidelines also apply. You can find them here. Thanks to tigerprincess for sponsoring this contest and to hygglobert for supplying the theme photo.

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