Going For A Swim
Going For A Swim
Going For A Swim. Member reactions:
The P is silent in swimming hahahahah cute
I would add a small shark to the pool just for joking.
Looks like somebody will blow the whistle. Cool beans.
always knew he was a little pisher...
Thanks, peeps. He's a BIG ONE, Miss Pree.
Of course this is a Dr. 'C' chop---clean and funny.
Funny Stuff Doc. This one will be moving you up on Obama's hit list I'm sure..
Thanks, Splat. This one is mild compared to so many others that have been done here.
He definitely has that "peeing in the pool face" - Nice work, Doc.

Funny Cat in the Swimming Pool

Cat in the Swimming Pool
Member reactions:
Should I be afraid of the pool this weekend. Great Job.
Nice one but the white space on the sides unnecessarily shrinks the picture

Funny Woman Finds an Alligator In Swimming Pool

Woman Finds an Alligator In Swimming Pool
A Woman in Florida found an Alligator in her swimming pool
Member reactions:
ha ha ha... picture is telling different and naughty story about that cutie Alligator

Funny How to Swim - Despicable Me 2

How to Swim - Despicable Me 2
Member reactions:
1) I'm gonna suicide 2) Why did I leave my swimsuit at home . 3) Are you sure there are no jaws around . 4) .......
So How to Swim arises some freaky questions.... look another contest to find answers crazy work and good chop in putting these characters together

Funny Animal Swimming Championships

Animal Swimming Championships
Member reactions:
Ha. The Cow just cracks me up. Excellent Job.
Nice concept..but who will win in this competition.
Really the best idea in the whole bunch . Rates really high on my WTF-O-meter

Funny Vladimir Putin Swimming with Olympic Torch

Vladimir Putin Swimming with Olympic Torch
Member reactions:
Pretty awesome.
Amazing Good to see the octopus and the submarine

Funny Indian Man Swimming with Ducks in River

Indian Man Swimming with Ducks in River
Member reactions:
Awesome entry... Out of my mind to comment on this chop great finish and wrecked auto failed in floods and the Pilgrim using the Duck to cross the river is amazing excellent expressions shown on him with a Pipe well done
Mindblowing Excellent Caricature Nice 3D Effect Great job done.
Congrads on the Gold Cup, one word, 2good.
Thanks, hobbit90, penaplonk, geriatric, rajeshstar, balodiya, Doc, Ariel9, HoHouse, and penaplonk
Artistic, wild, imaginative. Congrats on the gold, Chaos.
Thank you Newsy for the comments and POTD..
Congratulations again...yer' hot this week.

Funny Barack Obama Swimming with Sharks

Barack Obama Swimming with Sharks
Member reactions:
Congrats on the wood, HoHouse. Great show of photoshop skills here.

Funny Woman Swimming in Under Water Room

Woman Swimming in Under Water Room
When I was a kid, I loved swimming, and actually wished this could happen. Now, it would upset me, cuz I don't have flood insurance. Ah....to be young again.
Member reactions:
Very nicely done I wish it were a larger image
Good you were satisfying your interest through photoshop good one
Clicking the image show the full size....but it's not much bigger. Upload size is only 350k, so unless I reduce quality, it can't go bigger. Sorry.

Funny Fish Swimming in Scuba Gear

Fish Swimming in Scuba Gear
Fish are getting smarter. Fish Outsmarts Fishermen
Member reactions:
Out of the box idea.... great thinking and lovely chop to put the Fish with Oxygen support and other latest gadgets inside the water great job done
Epic Marline is Awesome Looking so genius
Very creative. Congrats on the gold, Luna.

Funny Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool
You are asked to photoshop this image in any way you like. This image was taken by hygglobert. We are asking you to use your creativity and create any new image using this picture. Part of the source image must be used in your entry. You will have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Typical FreakingNews entry guidelines also apply. You can find them here. Thanks to tigerprincess for sponsoring this contest and to hygglobert for supplying the theme photo.

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