Snack Sweetheart
Snack Sweetheart
Snack Sweetheart. Member reactions:
Love It, you did a very good job on this.
Freaky Yob, Hidden. Ha....your books are floating. I like it.
Take a look see at the original view for a Treat.
This has to be a Top Winner, you really did a good job, I didn't get to enter this contest, laptop issues, thank god it's fixed.
Thanks Splat and Reggie 😎 Thanks hobbit happy you got it fixed itís aweful like a lost limb I find when itís down 👍🏼
Congrats on the Win, PShaveyouseenthis,deserved place ....I really LIKE effects and perfect mood ....Keep it UP ,man....................
Congrats on a well Deserved win, Love your Pic, made me miss Hitspinner even more, he did pics like this, this really is a Top Chop.
Congrats on the Gold, PS. This really puts the Freak in Freak Show. Fantastic Work
Superb quality work,Friend.Until the author of this wonderful, quality work was hidden, I thought it was Tim's Work.It's very similar,awesome photo effects and perfect mood....More like this one,please.THX ....................
I too thought about Tim being behind this, God I miss him so much.
Thanks burdulano appreciated. Hobbit Tim (Hits) commented on this thread 😎👍🏼

Funny Little Man Declares Love to His Big Sweetheart

Little Man Declares Love to His Big Sweetheart
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This is nice however I would color the Rino gold to match the color tone of the piece, it looks pasted and dosen't fit.
Many thanks deaddog for your opinion. I have no time to change it right now but I will do it soon on my personnal website.

Funny America's Sweetheart Jennifer Aniston

America's Sweetheart Jennifer Aniston
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Within the contest directions for sure. Would make a nice postcard
Thanks Newsy, she was wearing her birthday suit before by the way Pepper, except for the tie.

Funny Superman's Sweetheart

Superman's Sweetheart

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