Swedish Valhund Wearing the Swedish Flag
Swedish Valhund Wearing the Swedish Flag
Swedish Valhund Wearing the Swedish Flag. The Valhund is a relative of the Welsh Corgi
Member reactions:
Well painted like the color and the fur good one

Funny Barack Obama as a Swedish Woman

Barack Obama as a Swedish Woman
Member reactions:
Losing my mind Hamid tried to edit picture, asked for password, didn't like my answer, lost picture in cyberspace and all I had was a title and comments,in panic mod, made comments and the picture returned, less panic, edited comments, then I was able to edit picture and it all came out right. I hope, thanks still have mind, I hope.
Very nice job.. Why are you loosing your mind.
... I am glad everything was resolved, and it turned out great... Good Luck
Hahahahahaha hidden author. Been there-done that... It causes a huge WTFDID moment. Great chop, glad you salvaged your mind.
i love this picture hohouse very very nice.... haha on your comments...

Funny Swedish Parliament

Swedish Parliament
Member reactions:
It's a known fact that Stockholm is located on water. Very cool work. Reminds me the old legend that the Earth stands on a big turtle that swims in a sea

Funny Swedish Wendy's

Swedish Wendy's
Member reactions:
Thank U. This was crazy hard contest to get idea. Sweeds need to get famous for more things or I need to get better edjukated.
I should've guessed this was yours, ... Great sense of humor.
Yep, this is the sort of chop that I think of in the bathroom hahahahahahahahaah, true.
that was great I didn't guess that was yours ... keep going my friend

Funny Swedish Rose

Swedish Rose
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Member reactions:
I would like a dozen please. Grate chop .
It's Hamidster... Congrats on gold, mate.
Congrats Hamid You really have great skill at getting those colors just right.
hamid nice rose.. id love to grow a few ),, congrats
Congrats Hamid, you sure had me wondering who chopped this one. Great stuff and well deserved gold.
Congrats Hamid, a rose is a rose,but this rose out your mind.
Congratas Hamid, this was always going to be the one to beat. superb
Never had a doubt for a sec this would top out as #1. Very well done...
Thanks everyone, this was a lot of fun and I am glad that you all enjoyed it...
Congrats Hamid ,that was amaZing work my friend .

Funny Swedish Chef makes Nuclear Explosion

Swedish Chef makes Nuclear Explosion

Funny Swedish Statue of Liberty

Swedish Statue of Liberty
Hockey will set you free.

Funny Swedish Chef Rachael Ray

Swedish Chef Rachael Ray

Funny Swedish Meatball Farmers

Swedish Meatball Farmers
Member reactions:
Swedish meat balls is a total hoot here. Me likes.
Bronze meat-balls for GarRobMil, congrats.
nice.... GarRobMil )))) congratulations ...

Funny Greta Garbo and the Swedish Flag

Greta Garbo and the Swedish Flag
Greta Garbo was a world famous movie star in the 30's and 40's. A line associated with her is "I want to be alone" It came from the movie Grand Hotel.
Member reactions:
Great pop art work on Greta. One of the best ones in the contest

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