Eye Swap .
Eye Swap .
Eye Swap .. Member reactions:
Excellent political satire, AOC looks natural and her eyes make cat crazy. Congrats on the Wood as well, Hobbit.

Funny Real Eye Swap

Real Eye Swap
Corrupt Eye Swap
Member reactions:
Great job, but what animal has dollar signs in their eyes (ha).

Funny Megan Fox Eye Swap

Megan Fox Eye Swap
Just swapped Megan Fox's eyes with Fox's ones

Funny Elvis and Nixon Swap Places

Elvis and Nixon Swap Places
just for the fun of it
Member reactions:
kewl Idea...now why dooes the guy on the right (Tricky Dick Nixon) remind me of Joe Biden.

Funny Woody Allen and Mia Farrow Swap Genders

Woody Allen and Mia Farrow Swap Genders
Member reactions:
Clean job, Woody really looks like an old lady.

Funny Nikolas Sarkozi and Bruni Swap Roles

Nikolas Sarkozi and Bruni Swap Roles
Member reactions:
This looks scary.

Funny Goldie Hawn And Kurt Russell Swap Roles

Goldie Hawn And Kurt Russell Swap Roles
Member reactions:
Fantastic job here, hidden ... Great blending and details. ... Only nitpick would be the cigar. You need to manipulate the mouth so it appears to be opening slightly on the corner holding the cigar. Right now the cigar appears to be going through the teeth, or somehow resting in front of them.
Awesome work, Hidden. I am not sure which one of these two scares me more - they both look so real and freaky.
I'm sorry to keep nitpicking but I'm really just trying to be helpful ... When one is holding a cigar in one's mouth, the cigar is placed between the top and bottom teeth. The mouth needs to be open enough for that to be possible. This still appears as if the cigar is either going through the teeth, or through a big gap of no teeth.
Yep that's freaky. I see this couple left standing alone at most any event they would choose to attend.
Be careful in approaching your wife or you'll have to call the firemen.
Congratulations Doc...Well done. Still freaky yikes

Funny Woody Allen and Soon Yi Swap Genders

Woody Allen and Soon Yi Swap Genders

Funny Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Gender Swap

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Gender Swap
Member reactions:
Definitely one of the best chops in the contest. Perfectly blended
Congrats on the wood lucianomorelli Very nice.

Funny Rita and Tom Hanks Gender Swap

Rita and Tom Hanks Gender Swap

Funny Human/Animal Eye Swap

Human/Animal Eye Swap
When you look into the eyes of your pet, do you sometimes feel like you can tell what they are thinking or feeling? A dog’s eyes are very similar to a human’s. Many animal eyes are similar to human eyes in a lot of ways. They use their eyes in the same ways we do – to see their surroundings, blinking and making tears. Like human eyes, land mammals and fish have eyes that function almost like cameras. Their eyes contain a lens and pupil, just like ours. Their eyes use light-sensing cells that work with the lens, pupil and cornea to take a picture with the eye. In this contest, swap out the eyes of any human with the eyes of any animal of your choice. Many thanks to SplatShot for the themepost. "Katy Perry Just Horsing Around"

Funny Human/Animal Eye Swap

Human/Animal Eye Swap
The visual abilities of humans and animals have distinct differences. While we may have some of the best all-round visual abilities, other species have their own unique features. Dogs have a greater field of vision and their night vision is also superior, but have inferior color vision. Eagles eyesight is 4 to 8 times stronger than ours. Sharks have an almost 360 degree field of vision and their underwater vision is 10 times better than a human. In this contest let's swap the eyes of any human (celebrity, politician, or person), with the eyes of any animal of your choice. To See Differences Between Animal and Human Vision Visit This Link

Funny Face Swap!

Face Swap!
Angela Merkel can teach the American President a thing or two about international diplomacy. The year was 2005, and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was still a political superstar on the international stage. The then-leader of the German opposition, Angela Merkel, was a generally underestimated politician who was destined to become leader of her country. Blair knew this. That is why he met her. But Merkel did not stick to the polite platitudes. She cut straight to the chase. "I have 10 problems," said Angela Merkel -- and then began to list them, starting with her own lack of charisma. This was how Jonathan Powell, Tony Blair's chief of staff, remembered Merkel's first encounter with her British colleague. In the spirit of teaching each other, swap ANY politician's face one with another (no celebrities). For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny Donut Swap

Donut Swap
Did you ever wonder why cops love donuts and how this tradition originated? Years back, there were no 24 hour open stores, and no drive ins. All the shops and cafes closed before the midnight crew started their shift. Cars were not always available back then so many policemen walked the beat. Naturally tired after constant walking they needed a place to sit down and have a snack. Donut and coffee shops were the first places to open in the morning that would give exhausted cops a place to sit down, and give them much needed caffeine to stay awake and carbs from donuts to provide quick energy. Many officers would join, as there usually was only one donut shop in that area, and a tradition was born. These days there are many 24 hour shops available, but the ties between cops and donuts are as strong as ever. Why? Because donuts are relatively inexpensive so they can be discarded with little guilt in case of a hot call during a snack break. Donuts also give a quick energy boost together with coffee. And last but not least, donuts are tasty, so much that many officers literally become addicted to them. Take any objects and swap them with donuts, fully or partially. Many thanks to azwoodbox for the themepost.

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