Night Swamp
Night Swamp
Night Swamp. Created from scratch. Please view full size
Member reactions:
Awesome job from scratch, LunaC. Love the aligator's color, it's a beautiful thing.
Yeah..all the more amazing created from job lunac 👍

Funny Fighting the Swamp Creatures

Fighting the Swamp Creatures
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The two democrat ladies look like I feel after surgery hahahahahah God one.

Funny Swamp Beetle

Swamp Beetle
Member reactions:
Ce travail est signé (finesse,précision,sens du détail et de la couleur etc.....)
Humorous and colorful. Congrats on the Win, LunaC.
Congrats on the Gold, LunaC. Brilliant job and perfectly matched with stunning color.
Ah ha, I was right. This one is yours. Great Job.... Brilliant colors and integration. Congrats
congrats..Great colourful the detail on the wings

Funny The D C Swamp As Seen By Salvador Dali

The D C Swamp As Seen By Salvador Dali
All the Swamp Creatures are here.
Member reactions:
OK, I de-cluttered it for ya. I guess I got carried away.
Both were good Gummy,lots of good ones in this contest.
Excellent quality work, Gummy. Unresized show the superb details and especially the butterfly sails.


Headed to the swamp SOURCE:
Member reactions:
Nicely done. Would like it even more if it was in a swamp instead of a road.
Thanks Luna Too much work swamping it. Got tired of working it
George Jetson has put on a little weight, huh (ha). Cool car.
Awesome eye-catching work on this 71' hover truck. The perfect color scheme and kick arse power plant. Very nicely done, D-Dog..
Thanks Reggie. Funny thing was at first the tail gate was up, oops. Had to make a tailgate down. Ha.ha. Of course there's no way to steer it, no fan fins.

Funny Swamp People

Swamp People
 Swamp People Sources
Member reactions:
Congrats Reggie too funny. Love the swampy Ancient relic looking Capitol Building
Excellent collection of sources, and of course funny. Grats on the cup Reggie.
Thank You DeadDog. Really appreciate your comment on my sources.
Congrats on your win, you put them in the right setting, wish the SWAMP would suck them under, very good pic....
Lol, Thanks Hobbit, the swamp might get them yet

Funny Swamp Thing From the Marsh

Swamp Thing From the Marsh
Member reactions:
Good effort. I like the way the frame turns into a tree branch

Funny Swamp Gator In A Red Dress

Swamp Gator In A Red Dress
Member reactions:
Ha Sweet stuff, Gummaster. Adorable Crazy Legs Chuck.
Thanks, He make Mrs. Nancy's coat look good too.

Funny Donald the Great, Drain the Swamp

Donald the Great, Drain the Swamp

Funny Forever first lady of the swamp

Forever first lady of the swamp
Painting by dumb and dumber
Member reactions:
You have that right, I like this, Good One.
Again proving that there are far worse things in the swamp than alligators.

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