Swamp Eared Toad
Swamp Eared Toad
Swamp Eared Toad. Member reactions:
Gold Congrats, PShaveyouseenthis. Excellent.
Thanks Wanderer 😎👍🏼
Thanks Bob appreciated 😎🍻
Congrats on the Gold PS, thought this would win, great job on the ears.
What champ said, and grats. Killer color.
Thanks hobbit 😎👍🏼

Funny Alligator Swamp Jump

Alligator  Swamp Jump

Funny Trump Unemployment Swamp

Trump Unemployment Swamp
Member reactions:
Gold Congrats, GarRobMil. White house local cemetery.

Funny Drain the Swamp

Drain the Swamp

Funny Swamp O Con

Swamp O Con
Member reactions:
So many words in the English language and I'm speechless, Congrads
Glad you all got a buzz out of it. TY HH, Gummy, Steve, DD and Hobbit
Congrats buddy, another fantastic piece by the Best. Love those fatty legs.
Thanks. I used my own... shaved, painted stripes and found my old Service issue jump boots and wallah. Hahahhaha

Funny Creature from the Green Swamp

Creature from the Green Swamp

Funny Audrey Hepburn in the Swamp Thing Movie

Audrey Hepburn in the Swamp Thing Movie
Member reactions:
Anyway she doesn't look so scary. Good one
Her face needs to be a bit smaller for that head of hers. I like the concept though

Funny Bayou Boys and a Swamp Monster

Bayou Boys and a Swamp Monster
Member reactions:
The guitar player doesn't understand the situation. Levely

Funny Geico Swamp Wars

Geico Swamp Wars
Member reactions:
Now we're talking. great elements, hidden.Pay a we bit more attention to shadow fall so as to ground the necessary figures
Yep, clean neat work...I agree with Hitspinner..Shadows are essential to ground them...There is a pluggin that does good shadows called eye candy... Give me a yell if you cant find a free version of it...
Out of the box.. crazy frog and tricky stunts

Funny Children in a Pumpkin Swamp with a Witch

Children in a Pumpkin Swamp with a Witch
Please view full.
Member reactions:
full view is great,you can really see the all your great details...very well done...
Excellent background chosen for the source... good work on it. A jump For the Halloween style very well done with the rope is being tied to a reptile
Cool colors with all over the chop its generic and good balance

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