Geico Swamp Wars
Geico Swamp Wars
Geico Swamp Wars. Member reactions:
Now we're talking. great elements, hidden.Pay a we bit more attention to shadow fall so as to ground the necessary figures
Yep, clean neat work...I agree with Hitspinner..Shadows are essential to ground them...There is a pluggin that does good shadows called eye candy... Give me a yell if you cant find a free version of it...
Out of the box.. crazy frog and tricky stunts

Funny Children in a Pumpkin Swamp with a Witch

Children in a Pumpkin Swamp with a Witch
Please view full.
Member reactions:
full view is great,you can really see the all your great details...very well done...
Excellent background chosen for the source... good work on it. A jump For the Halloween style very well done with the rope is being tied to a reptile
Cool colors with all over the chop its generic and good balance

Funny Swamp Granny with a Gun

Swamp Granny with a Gun

Funny Fisherman Catches Baby Swamp Creature

Fisherman Catches Baby Swamp Creature
Peek A Boooo...I see you..
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Funny Sarah Palin Soldier Walking Through a Swamp

Sarah Palin Soldier Walking Through a Swamp
I bet she can come up with her birth certificate..
Member reactions:
Obama is the only one that has a problem.

Funny Gaddafi Relaxing in The Libyan Swamp

Gaddafi Relaxing in The Libyan Swamp
Free Libya's cry ( we need Help, and we Need it Now ) source
Member reactions:
I agree with Disasterman111. Both subject countries need Help, now.
Excellent play with lighting and shadows.
Nice. Sources are very well integrated. Very clever chop too
cool work ....^^ great playing with lighting and shadows
Pity I missed this vote. Kudos Salis well deserved win
This rocks on too many levels. It's topical and hysterical. The road post sign is and excellent addition here
congrats sails , that's freaky awesome work .. i really love it i love the blend over here .. it's our first time ever we meet in contest together .. was cool to be with you . keep going
Gold Congrats S.
Busy Kellie: thanx alot and thank you folks for your votes and Comments.
Great shading and light fx, congrats Salis
ooops , Double comment, so I'll sing you a song instead: lallala lallalal laaaaa ..
Congrats on the gold, country is burning and the president is tanning typical to politicians. But is a freaking good chop, like it
. missed out on the voting. definit 10 this is . excellent chop .

Funny The Swamp Demon

The Swamp Demon
This is a tribute to my all time favorite artists, the legendary Frank Frazetta. His images had a power to them, a physical impact that just cant be denied. This is my rendition of his painting The Swamp Demon. Here's a link to the original: I hope you enjoy my tribute to the work of a true master. For a list of stocks used go here:
Member reactions:
Thanks Kratos, this is one of my all time favorite pieces.
Right. My favorite artist, also. Really nice.
Thanks folks, this beast of a chop has more layers than anything Ive done before or sense, just so many elesments that make up the whole you see here. I really appreciate all the positive feedback. Thanks.
Impressive work, congrats on the well deserved Silver.
Congrats on the silver Bracey.Excellent work.
braceyy.. wonderful work.... congrats...
Thanks again, you guys are way to kind. When I veiw the works here and over at Worth1000 I know Ive still got a lot to learn.

Funny Human Swamp Thing

Human Swamp Thing
Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) View Sources
Member reactions:
Me afraid, me very afraid. Full view is stunning.
Hehe, I has a suspicion this was yours, KIR. Excellent work
Congrats, keep.. It's definitely a keeper. Great job.
Amazing use of Sources ; congratulations for the Silver
Thanks all for Your comments and votes. This was my first "swamp based" politician I would like to add that everytime I search the internet for sources, I see pictures that make me laugh or that are really cool, and 9 times out of 10 they come from Freaking News. I love this site and all the artists that make it great.
KIR strikes again. Awesome satire. Congrats on the silver.
Congratulations. Looks like things are thawing out and life is returning to your neighborhood. I was raised due West of you. Seriously, you never disappoint with your images.
Thanks geriatric, believe me, I have dissapointed in the past but I would like to think that I have learned a little from my mistakes and from the great choppers on this site. It was still kind of cold today, still a few snow mounds in parking lots, but spring has finally arrived
Congrats keeper.. The texturing in full view is amazing..

Funny Swamp Thing Santa

Swamp Thing Santa

Funny Swamp Patrol

Swamp Patrol
1600 Hrs leaving Smugglers Cove
Member reactions:
Might be a nice idea, but very poor resolution.

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