Suzanne Summer
Suzanne Summer
Suzanne Summer.

Funny Suzanne `Crazy Eyes` Warren

Suzanne `Crazy Eyes` Warren
Love this show. New season starts in June (I think)
Member reactions:
Congrats Robb. I might check out this show. I had not heard of it before, but downloading it only takes a moment so we'll see.
Excellent caricature of the famous character.
Kinda just grabs ones attention. Great Image Rob.
Thanks everyone. Jeremix, check it out. My wife turned me on to it. I figured "Women in Prison..... hmmmm. Nah. But it was actually really good.

Funny Leo dancing with Suzanne Somers

Leo dancing with Suzanne Somers

Funny Suzanne SomersThighmaster Mouth Widener

Suzanne SomersThighmaster Mouth Widener
For those who don't know, Suzanne Somers was the spokesperson for Thighmaster and it was well published that it had caused many injuries as it would slip out of a persons thighs under heavy spring tension and knock users in the face.
Member reactions:
Thanks pcrdds. I crack up every time I read it..
Gonna cost Thighmaster a fortune in compensation.
Interesting chop and thanks for the piece of trivia too.

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