Jeremy Clarkson Suspended
Jeremy Clarkson Suspended
Jeremy Clarkson Suspended. Jeremy Clarkson suspended: Star wanted steak but kicked off after he got cold meat platter

Funny Jeb Bush Suspends Executions

Jeb Bush Suspends Executions
MIAMI Jeb Bush, the Governor of Florida, has called a temporary halt to all executions while a panel reviews how lethal injections are administered, after the lingering death of a prisoner on Wednesday. Ángel Nieves Díaz, 55, took 34 minutes to die and had to be administered two lethal doses when the needle missed his vein, piercing tissue instead. The executive order does not mandate the reviewing panel to propose other methods of capital punishment. It asks it only to examine whether lethal injections are administered properly. Nieves’s botched execution has rekindled the debate on whether the injections constitute cruel and unusual punishment December 16, 2006
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I've linked to a news story for you; however, in the future it is mandatory for you to link to a news story. I realize you have pasted the news story in your Author's Comments and included them in the image itself. It's also required to link to the story as well. Thanks.
Quality photoshopping, but yes, please also link to the news story. We can not do it for you every time.

Funny Obama Suspends His Campaign

Obama Suspends His Campaign
Um...yeah. Right.
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He is 'High'-Voltage nature boy look at his face

Funny Barack Obama Suspends Election

Barack Obama Suspends Election
Obama Suspends the Election for 4 years Well Sir, we could always tell them it is because of the storm. After all, they fell for that video thing in Libya.
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Very funny now elections were suspended due to Sandy

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