Bugeye Sushi
Bugeye Sushi
Bugeye Sushi. Member reactions:
Gold Congrats, Mr.Hits. Very juicy, but I skip order.
Thanks Gummy, Andrew, Luciano, DMan and FM. The weird thing is, in some culture, somewhere on this planet every thing we chopped is a delicacy that people actually eat. Haha. Maybe they don't eat the alien thing Gummy submitted, but just about everything else Thanks again.
Yep Kerri, this cup tied me up with Doc, RIP. I have mixed feelings about that. Thanks for the comments John an Bob too. I thought I already commented to you guys but guess it didn't stick. Weird

Funny Sushi Set

Sushi Set
Member reactions:
The actual worm itself without the eyes and mouth would make this more realistic.

Funny Sushi Guide Tokyo

Sushi Guide Tokyo
Member reactions:
It all looks good which makes me question myself hahaha. Great chop and silver bugs for you.
Excellent.. looks like a great ad.. Congratulations Wanderer ....

Funny pillbug sushi

pillbug sushi
Member reactions:
Looks like it could find this on a sushi menu
Perfect fit...Great source scouting and great chop. Congrats on the wood, mate.
Congrats on the Woodie. It was a fun contest..

Funny Sushi combination

Sushi combination
Member reactions:
The one in the middle gives me the creeps.
Thank you Gummy.
Very nicely done. A technical point...maybe the background wall paper distracted in this case. I think you could have blurred it thereby pushing it back out of focus and maybe had a winner. This was a great composition though.

Funny McDonalds Sushi Kid's Meal

McDonalds Sushi Kid's Meal
McSushi. I'm Lovin' my Sea Food.
Member reactions:
This one will give my grand kids nightmares hahahaah Nicely done

Funny Steve Ballmer the Sushi Chef

Steve Ballmer the Sushi Chef
Member reactions:
Freaking Nice cutting all are in good shape

Funny Human Sushi

Human Sushi
Nothing better in the morning then some Human Sushi..

Funny Sumo Wrestler Sushi

Sumo Wrestler Sushi
Member reactions:
great concept, hope they were deveined first, .

Funny Kim Jong Il Satan's Sushi Chef

Kim Jong Il Satan's Sushi Chef
"Little Kim" loved Sushi and had his own private Sushi chef. FYI:This entire scene was created from scratch. The counter from a granite texture; the lattice from wood texture; the serving platter from a smaller one and all the Sushi is from individual pieces gathered from several photos.
Member reactions:
I'm sure this one will be all over the internet by the end of the week
mmm ...ill have 1 california roll hold the ashes please .. ,,,
Thanks, Disasterman. Thanks, preemiememe. Thanks, geriatric. Thanks, Sunshin3.
Bronze congrats Paul, creative work and great done.
No 'bout-a-doubt-it' it's dinner with the fishes tonight. Congratulations.
Congrats P, quality chop and lots of cool details. I"ll bet the sushi down there doesn't stay raw too long, considering it's a scorching inferno.

Funny Sushi Parasite Fears Grow

Sushi Parasite Fears Grow
Sushi has a healthy reputation it can be low fat and high in protein but a new report serves as a stark reminder that sushi made with raw fish can carry a dangerous parasite. Doctors warn that it's becoming a greater problem in Western countries as more people eat sushi, and they documented one recent case that serves as a cautionary tale where surgeons had to remove a parasite. Ewwww. Create various types of SUSHI using INSECTS, they can be crunchy, slithery, or cute...but the sushi must contain insects. No overly gross images and, NO politicians or celebrities allowed! For more background on this story Visit This Link

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