Last survivor
Last survivor
Last survivor. Member reactions:
Congrads on the Woodie, Always entertaining
Thank you, gentlemen. "Always entertaining". Not always, but I try and I like your company and how we spent time.
thats a lot of work there. brilliant, congrats W
Ha. Great one Andrew. Woody for your goody.

Funny Obama and Kim Jong un the Only Survivors

Obama and Kim Jong un the Only Survivors
yup they would be alive after everyone else was dead and gone cause they aren't people their politicians.

Funny Honey Boo Boo Survivor of the Shipwreck

Honey Boo Boo Survivor of the Shipwreck
Member reactions:
At last the survived the titanic where is the life jacket for that lady .
crazy chop Lady cant fit in Life jacket now

Funny Mr Bean the Titanic Survivor

Mr Bean the Titanic Survivor

Funny Survivor Tennessee

Survivor Tennessee
Member reactions:
This is one handsome guy. FREAKING HYSTERICAL.
Paul, you should be on People Magazine, hands up for you famous guy.
Funny stuff . . . . . . Honorary Indian name: Big Chief Yellow Stain . . .

Funny Soul Survivor

Soul Survivor
Member reactions:
Thanks guys... really enjoyed this one - everything "gelled" for some reason - and lost track of time.

Funny Survivor of Nuclear Explosion

Survivor of Nuclear Explosion
Member reactions:
This is like a future version of "Dirty Harry". Can I call it "Dirty Kadath.", .

Funny Airplane Crash Survivors in a Bouguereau Painting

Airplane Crash Survivors in a Bouguereau Painting
Original Painting
Member reactions:
Well there goes my entry... Great job.
congratulations. Well deserved, this is awesome.
congrats deb ,,, very nice work,, by the way i love the skirt
I was thinking when I first saw this that those girls are dressed like the girls around here where I live and we haven't had a plane crash in ages (knock on wood) . We still have 80's retro but not on purpose. Was gonna say this should get a POTD but I see it already has.

Funny Survivor in Mayberry

Survivor in Mayberry
A pretty cut-throat group here. I'm betting on Barney to win the Million.
Member reactions:
OK execution here is so extreme, great integration of characters. nice masking around the boy's hair and nice detail putting the logo on the "bandana". My fav part is the logo design.

Funny survivor


Funny Survivor

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