Tigers in Surrealism
Tigers in Surrealism
Tigers in Surrealism. Member reactions:
Something different and creative trial good one
Congrats, thought this would make the GOLD.
Thank you.
Creative surrealist work, Magritte like. Co9ngrats on the silver, cns.

Funny Surrealism Meets Realism Digital Art

Surrealism Meets Realism Digital Art
This was inspired by one of my favorite artists Michael Parkes.
Member reactions:
Like the Virtual reality.. the butterfly s and the door leading to heaven is really great

Funny Surrealism Light Bulb

Surrealism Light Bulb

Funny Surrealism Painting by Dali

Surrealism Painting by Dali

Funny Dali Surrealism Museum

Dali Surrealism Museum
New Dalí Museum opens with surreal pomp in downtown St. Petersburg
Member reactions:
Well Hello Dali its so nice to have you housed where you belong..
I have been to the old museum many times and watched this one get built. Its not that far from my house.

Funny Reality vs. Surrealism

Reality vs. Surrealism
Which is stranger.

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