The Surreal World
The Surreal World
The Surreal World. Member reactions:
I would love to have a bigger pic, this is so amazing stuff here
Superb chop. Great colors and perspective. Love the bubbles.
Freaky as it gets. Reminds me some Lewis Carroll stuff
Your compositions are coming along quite nicely, Andwhat. Me like a lot
Your right up here at the top, with a great chop, AndWhat..
Great Chopping Andwhat. Congratz on a wonderful image. Luv the neckid chicken

Funny putin in a surreal tree

putin in a surreal tree
Member reactions:
Very, impressive, Hidden. Lots of Russian symbolism here - from a bear to AK-47 to Russian vodka to the hammer and sickle.
Excellent chop but shouldn't the eye be higher up as an indication of the eye in the sky always vigilant always watching. Just a question.
very nice and genius concept . Cool details
Newsy you forgot to mention Putin Well I like the color theme and the way he is sitting on the Eyed tree with those tools. Amazing idea and very cleaver work
thanks Armatien, geriatric, sulliishere and eric.
Magnific representation of russian power, sadness and solitude.
Powerful image, especially like how you worked the rope.
Great Surrealistic Idea. The background treatment really makes it pop.
Congrats on the gold jeremix ,stunning chop
Congratulations Jeremix. Long time away from FN-eh.
Thanks alot guys. geriatric...i'm always lurking, but i finally felt like making something again. It's hard without cigs..
Congrats,Jeremix. Congrats,Jeremix. Excellent surrealist style picture.
Well well well, you certainly have been AWOL haha. Nice to see you back and great comeback. Congrats on the gold
Sorry for the late comment..just seeing this now. FANTASTIC work. Adding to my faves.

Funny surreal angry man

surreal angry man
Member reactions:, totally freaky and magnificently worked. TY
This is the result of Obama Care. You will be Okay, as long as you never catch a cold or the flu. And if you do...Obama and his death panel have a pill you can take for that. Nice re-mix of the angry guys head. Only 1 question. Why.
Great use of source...and the crazy man looks jelly sea creature erupted out of under water volcano good one like it....
Congrats. I know now what it reminded me of, a nighlok
Thanks. (i had to google nighlok but yeah, there are some simularities there.)
Congratulations on the Win Jeremix. Great Freaky Picture
Exquisitely gross Great cloning and knitting. My fav. Gratos my man. Gold for you today.
Gold congrats, jeremix. Super disgustingly cool.
Gross and brilliant. Jere strikes again. Congrats on the gold, you freak.

Funny Surreal Photoshop Image

Surreal Photoshop Image
Member reactions:
It looks like lot of time spend in creating this freaky chop... many sources seen
It sure is a lot of cut and pasting, arranging and manipulating. It's a page from a psychiatric text on peyote or something Pretty cool. Wish it would have scored higher, D.

Funny The Scream Surreal Digital Art

The Scream Surreal Digital Art
Member reactions:
Awesome... Heard of Multi personality disorder... Now I can see it in this chop great chop in desigining the devil with multiple faces and the Moon is in most terrible look tonight well done
Awesome work of shadows and light effects

Funny Surreal Space Station

Surreal Space Station
before people start sayin I didnt use the source image please look again carefully. And see if you can recognise who is in the travel pod. He sure gets around. Enjoy in Hd to get closer to the detail.Thank you.
Member reactions:
I am still not seeing the source image.Please enlighten me
the shape/outline of the didgeridoo player is the ship
Its nice work,dont get me wrong.It just seems that the source image should be the focus,or at least more visible.It kinda feels like im playing a hidden object game,and im not doing too well at it
i cant help if i have an over imaginative brain...try thinking outside the box. Clearly the majority of people who see the source image are all going to do the same treatment to the same image, and since the rules do imply, "take the image, and photoshop it anyway you like" I thought I was being creative and different. I'm sorry that I dont fall into the same mold as everyone else.Not trying to be rude,but what I see is people makin a great deal out of nothing. My pictures always try to be different, and sometimes when people dont see something or get something, its usually those people who I see as the ones who bomb a picture. I have done several pictures in the past where all I have done is used the outline and have painted over it and made it something completely different. Please dont think of me as cranky because I am not, I follow the rules like everyone else.
I see his silhouette. Very creative use of the source.
I see it,it is very creative.I was looking in the ship to see it,and didnt.My intentions were never to criticize your work hidden.I see now the creativity.Thinking out of the box is a good thing,i just couldnt see the source guy,the way i was looking at it.You did a good job with this chop.No hard feelings i hope
oh god no.....i dont have any hard feelings.....i did the same thing to an image about a month ago with a truck, just using the outline of a truck and changed its appearence very much like how I did this one. My only fear would be if people saw that image and said it was ok and then saw this image and said it was not. But I think people are beginning to rethink how they do their images. And I think if you use all aspects of an image and what you might do with it. I know that with an image like this chances are 95% of the pics of this guy are all going to be pretty much the same, so I just wanted to look at it with a different perspective. Thanks for being so patient with me.
When i finally saw what you did, and saw that you merged it with the ship,i realized how cool it was.You did a good job of blending it together,maybe thats why i couldnt see it.Excellent job
I think it's very creative and cool. I didn't know I could pilot a travel pod. I'd put some blur on the spotlights, though.
I can see the driver of the ship wearing a Freaking News Uniform (red color) inside the ship... its my way of observance But overall you did a good job in designing the Didgeridoo into a ship with well illuminated beam of lights and stary sky well done
This is like find an HIDDEN's Object game ... very well done thanks for cluing since its an Eye who look for the guy of source image but Mind needs to know what it is looking at atleast and then Bingo.. So I can say ur shadow is in space as well nice chop I like those yellow lights of small space-ships very much
thank you everyone for being patient and understanding.
Silver congratulations robin, on a phenomenal creation.
Nice FN homage and I know that pilot Congrats on the silver, robin. * saves it to personal folder
, quite spectacular. Glad i didn't enter this one, you guys wolld have dusted me Grads

Funny Fishes with Balloons Surreal Photoshop

Fishes with Balloons Surreal Photoshop
Member reactions:
Very Cool
Amazing, its so beautiful. Very nice reflection and sky-water combination with Fish-Balloon is Great thought.. clear and brilliantly chopped Good luck
Congratulation's...nice chop
Congratulation's...nice chop

Funny Woman In the Surreal Mirror

Woman In the Surreal Mirror
Radio personality Lois Burak
Member reactions:
Great colorful work done like mirror concept and the beauty hiding herself from the outer world good job done
Impressive colors and art work, cool chop
Beautifully done Excellent Concept and very well executed

Funny Surreal nature

Surreal nature
Member reactions:
Lovely... small ships and the water inside the glass house looks so beautiful

Funny Surreal Ocean Landscape

Surreal Ocean Landscape
Video of the Sources i used for this Chop
Member reactions:
Excellent Ocean Bed really great to see Dolphins and the person fishing.. lot of hard work seen... good merge of sea water and the sky wonderful chop ...
Brilliant work of keeping a square place full of Water and surrounded by sky-wall Love this concept.. floating with you hidden

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