TMan Having a Surreal Puffer Fish Dream
TMan Having a Surreal Puffer Fish Dream
TMan Having a Surreal Puffer Fish Dream. A surprised dream
Member reactions:
I've had dreams like this, nice one, congrats.
Really cool. Looks like a fair amount of work, too. Woody congrats.
Congrats on the Wood, Mark. Thanks for the Nightmare

Funny Astronaut Exploring a Surreal Planet

Astronaut Exploring a Surreal Planet
Be forever young
Member reactions:
Interesting 3D look. That's a great intimidating Shark perspective.
TY Hobbit and SplatShot. This is a new effect here. The background is Notre Dame cathedral processed in a fragment and melting filter, Vivacity and Topaz sharpening. The effect is pretty impressive to me like an ice cavern for sea monkeys or something. .
VERY nice. Would love to know how you acheived the painterly effects.
Thank you LC, Nanny, Joan, Gummy and Crafty. LC, I will see what I can do. The first two filters are proprietary to ARCSoft but I have seen something similar in PS. I will snoop around and see what converts or translates. I am sure I can get close
Congrats, Hits. Super Image. This could have easily taken the top spot.
Drat, lost my Dell monitor this morning. Went to the thrift store and found 2 Sony flat screens for $3.00 and $8.00. Just hooked up the $3.00 and am on it right now. Nice screen... a bit smaller but sharper image than the Dell. My jaw is slack. Cool, I needed a break. Thanks for the comments and votes. One tries out new stuff and hope it sticks. I wasn't even going to enter this contest but got all inspired by a 3 year old friend. This is for him. Doc, Coolkat, Gum, Hobbit and Evirio.... many thanks.
Congrats on the Bronze. Cool surrealism.
Impressive piece, Hits. Congrats on the bronze.
LunaC, here is as close as I could come in photoshop Wind, Ocean Ripple and Sprayed Strokes

Funny Surreal Bear and Alien with Heart

Surreal Bear and Alien with Heart
Member reactions:
I know how he feels. I had a girl steal my heart once too.
Thanks, Lu. Thanks Newys. Awesome theme post image. I really like Carl3's art works.
Thanks Doc, and Gummy. Thanks Everyone.
Carl does some cool stuff for sure. I miss him. And so do you. Excellent work, I scratch my head on this one thinking it could go either way. I forgot I had band practice and came back to see the results. You do deserve gold too. Marvelous entry and congrats, SS.
Thanks, Bob and Andrew.. Thanks, Hit-man. This time the Gold is your'n.
Thanks, NewsMaster. Splat-Man, I like it.
Thanks, SilverCanine. I know these types of freaky chops are right up your alley. I'm happy you like it.

Funny Surreal Lotus Creature

Surreal Lotus Creature
most sources
Member reactions:
Ah...such sweet music to my ear. Nicely done, Hidden. His radio appears to be portable. I hope he can always keeps his head about himself.
Yikety Yikes Fantastically executed great work, hidden maybe some shadow beneath the middle piece with the mouth, casted on the main torso behind it . . .
We got a transporter malfunction hahahaha. Cool. Totally jereistic.
Congrads on the Bronze Cup, gross but funny
Congrats on the Bronze Jeremix. That is the most bizarre thing I have ever seen and excellently pulled off. It's like an Escher made of flesh.
Bronze Congrats, jeremix-bag o'trix ... great stuff.
Very unique creation jere. You could start an art genre all your own. Congrats on the bronze.
Never a doubt. I'm not sure who started the "thing" type chops, Dan. Carl did a bunch and somebody else but Jere has it down to the masters level. Congrats Jere, totally compelling
Thanks guys. Every once in a while i like to do one of these, so maybe when i'm 80 i could call it a collection.

Funny Surreal Desolation

Surreal Desolation
Member reactions:
bullsh1t 200 point 6
Nice edit, I like it better without the smiley face.
Honestly I think this is one of the best in the contest

Funny Surreal Persistence of Time

Surreal Persistence of Time
Member reactions:
I Like the mask idea . I finally explored Flaming Pear and the "Flood" filter. It was like Christmas at Hitspinner's . I have always taken the long way to produced water effects. This is stunning. Sold me totally
Dali meets photoshop. I love how you nade a natural transition here from reality to painting and back with that woman's figure.
Silver congrats, Funkmeister. Had no idea this was yours.
Congratulations. I voted lower than this chop deserved-oops.
Congrats, Funkwood. Doesn't get much better than this. I'm sure Dali would have tipped his at in appreciation...
Great work as always funk Congrats on the Silver. Not a whole lot of time to chop for me these days, it was nice to get one in especially after all the inspiration you and others have been providing. This one was definitely a nod in your direction and I was glad that you didn't comment until the end to keep folks guessing.

Funny Clementine and her Surreal World

Clementine and her Surreal World
Member reactions:
Some main characters here seem to be low resolution. Nice idea though

Funny So of Man with a Surreal Umbrella by Magritte

So of Man with a Surreal Umbrella by Magritte
Member reactions:
Impressive art.. Innerside of umbrella is so creative idea and drops of rain is amazing work. Masking to both is brilliant. Classic picture with full of innovation. Good luck
Very clean, PixJockey.. Bronze Congrats .
Creative and masterful Magritte,congrats on the bronze Pix

Funny Surreal ABC Logo

Surreal ABC Logo
On our Abc TV network, they have a TV channel ABC2 and it's the logo that gets me everytime, initially I see something completely different than the No.2. The shape of No. 2 in the logo is represented in the pic. Is it only me or do you folks see something different as well.
Member reactions:
Hard to understand the concept but gives good sensations.
It's all about saex.
Hey, welcome back stranger. Yep, it has a 5exy drive to it

Funny The Surreal World

The Surreal World
Member reactions:
I would love to have a bigger pic, this is so amazing stuff here
Superb chop. Great colors and perspective. Love the bubbles.
Freaky as it gets. Reminds me some Lewis Carroll stuff
Your compositions are coming along quite nicely, Andwhat. Me like a lot
Your right up here at the top, with a great chop, AndWhat..
Great Chopping Andwhat. Congratz on a wonderful image. Luv the neckid chicken

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