Surreal Bear and Alien with Heart
Surreal Bear and Alien with Heart
Surreal Bear and Alien with Heart. Member reactions:
I know how he feels. I had a girl steal my heart once too.
Thanks, Lu. Thanks Newys. Awesome theme post image. I really like Carl3's art works.
Thanks Doc, and Gummy. Thanks Everyone.
Carl does some cool stuff for sure. I miss him. And so do you. Excellent work, I scratch my head on this one thinking it could go either way. I forgot I had band practice and came back to see the results. You do deserve gold too. Marvelous entry and congrats, SS.
Thanks, Bob and Andrew.. Thanks, Hit-man. This time the Gold is your'n.
Thanks, NewsMaster. Splat-Man, I like it.
Thanks, SilverCanine. I know these types of freaky chops are right up your alley. I'm happy you like it.

Funny Surreal ABC Logo

Surreal ABC Logo
On our Abc TV network, they have a TV channel ABC2 and it's the logo that gets me everytime, initially I see something completely different than the No.2. The shape of No. 2 in the logo is represented in the pic. Is it only me or do you folks see something different as well.
Member reactions:
Hard to understand the concept but gives good sensations.
It's all about saex.
Hey, welcome back stranger. Yep, it has a 5exy drive to it

Funny The Surreal World

The Surreal World
Member reactions:
I would love to have a bigger pic, this is so amazing stuff here
Superb chop. Great colors and perspective. Love the bubbles.
Freaky as it gets. Reminds me some Lewis Carroll stuff
Your compositions are coming along quite nicely, Andwhat. Me like a lot
Your right up here at the top, with a great chop, AndWhat..
Great Chopping Andwhat. Congratz on a wonderful image. Luv the neckid chicken

Funny Vladimir Putin Sitting in a Surreal Tree

Vladimir Putin Sitting in a Surreal Tree
Member reactions:
Very, impressive, Hidden. Lots of Russian symbolism here - from a bear to AK-47 to Russian vodka to the hammer and sickle.
Excellent chop but shouldn't the eye be higher up as an indication of the eye in the sky always vigilant always watching. Just a question.
very nice and genius concept . Cool details
Newsy you forgot to mention Putin Well I like the color theme and the way he is sitting on the Eyed tree with those tools. Amazing idea and very cleaver work
thanks Armatien, geriatric, sulliishere and eric.
Magnific representation of russian power, sadness and solitude.
Powerful image, especially like how you worked the rope.
Great Surrealistic Idea. The background treatment really makes it pop.
Congrats on the gold jeremix ,stunning chop
Congratulations Jeremix. Long time away from FN-eh.
Thanks alot guys. geriatric...i'm always lurking, but i finally felt like making something again. It's hard without cigs..
Congrats,Jeremix. Congrats,Jeremix. Excellent surrealist style picture.
Well well well, you certainly have been AWOL haha. Nice to see you back and great comeback. Congrats on the gold
Sorry for the late comment..just seeing this now. FANTASTIC work. Adding to my faves.

Funny Surreal Wall Mural

Surreal Wall Mural
Member reactions:
Impressive artwork, especially in full view
Thanks all. took a while to create the city artwork and it was a tossup between the base player or the lady walking her Werewolf. So the Werewolf will show up soon.

Funny The Surreal Juggler

The Surreal Juggler
Member reactions:
Another great work, but why balls and lamps don't produce shadows .
What can I say, I love the space you created in this build. A real gem. I knew it would be in the running
Congrats, Hobbit. A lot of excellent details.

Funny Quiet Surreal Calamity

Quiet Surreal Calamity
thanks to mjranum for his stock images:
Member reactions:
Pretty nice reflective work. Definitely deserves a cup. Well done
Excellent composition. It's clever to show the reflection with the opposing elements
Congratulations on the bronze cup Opcrom.

Funny Surreal Carousel

Surreal Carousel
Kick up your heels and go play outside.
Member reactions:
snowing in N.Y. in spring
Hey, it's 47 today in North Florida today. Definitely wishful thinking, but March 20th was the first day of spring.

Funny Surreal Ocean Creatures

Surreal Ocean Creatures
Member reactions:
Nice image specially elephant is going to th hand.....
Fantastic work.... it looks like a fantasy thiller movie sequence... Love to see the slide of the chess board into the sea... looks real
Thanks disasterman,ricky, eric and rajeshstar
Lot of things here and a bit of surrealism
Good job though, the drop shadow from the bonsai tree is confusing ...
Cool surreal composition. I agree with QTR, the shadow from the bonsai tree should not be cast onto the sky
Maybe I am weird but I like the shadow in this instance because it breaks up the plane of reality and does confuse it. If you continued with the shadow on the hand as well it would look like the hand was supporting the elephant in an out of bounds scene. You'd have to do a little more shadow tweaking but I bet that would flip this chop right onto my weird-o-meter and pin the needle

Funny Waterfalls Surreal Digital Art

Waterfalls Surreal Digital Art
Member reactions:
Very well done. In some way it reminds me of the four horsemen of the apocalypse
Awesome Very nice caricature Well executed..
Looks like some mystic environment pics full of fantacy and surprises
Impressive merge with perfect balance of contrast and brightness.. I like it
Quality work, maiden. and I see you have uploaded your avatar. Nice to finally "see" you.

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