The Surreal World
The Surreal World
The Surreal World. Member reactions:
I would love to have a bigger pic, this is so amazing stuff here
Superb chop. Great colors and perspective. Love the bubbles.
Freaky as it gets. Reminds me some Lewis Carroll stuff
Your compositions are coming along quite nicely, Andwhat. Me like a lot
Your right up here at the top, with a great chop, AndWhat..
Great Chopping Andwhat. Congratz on a wonderful image. Luv the neckid chicken

Funny putin in a surreal tree

putin in a surreal tree
Member reactions:
Very, impressive, Hidden. Lots of Russian symbolism here - from a bear to AK-47 to Russian vodka to the hammer and sickle.
Excellent chop but shouldn't the eye be higher up as an indication of the eye in the sky always vigilant always watching. Just a question.
very nice and genius concept . Cool details
Newsy you forgot to mention Putin Well I like the color theme and the way he is sitting on the Eyed tree with those tools. Amazing idea and very cleaver work
thanks Armatien, geriatric, sulliishere and eric.
Magnific representation of russian power, sadness and solitude.
Powerful image, especially like how you worked the rope.
Great Surrealistic Idea. The background treatment really makes it pop.
Congrats on the gold jeremix ,stunning chop
Congratulations Jeremix. Long time away from FN-eh.
Thanks alot guys. geriatric...i'm always lurking, but i finally felt like making something again. It's hard without cigs..
Congrats,Jeremix. Congrats,Jeremix. Excellent surrealist style picture.
Well well well, you certainly have been AWOL haha. Nice to see you back and great comeback. Congrats on the gold
Sorry for the late comment..just seeing this now. FANTASTIC work. Adding to my faves.

Funny Surreal Mutant Angry Man

Surreal Mutant Angry Man
Member reactions:, totally freaky and magnificently worked. TY
This is the result of Obama Care. You will be Okay, as long as you never catch a cold or the flu. And if you do...Obama and his death panel have a pill you can take for that. Nice re-mix of the angry guys head. Only 1 question. Why.
Great use of source...and the crazy man looks jelly sea creature erupted out of under water volcano good one like it....
Congrats. I know now what it reminded me of, a nighlok
Thanks. (i had to google nighlok but yeah, there are some simularities there.)
Congratulations on the Win Jeremix. Great Freaky Picture
Exquisitely gross Great cloning and knitting. My fav. Gratos my man. Gold for you today.
Gold congrats, jeremix. Super disgustingly cool.
Gross and brilliant. Jere strikes again. Congrats on the gold, you freak.

Funny John Goodman's Surreal Birthday Party

John Goodman's  Surreal Birthday Party
Happy belated, Johnny. sources
Member reactions:
Awesome job.... looks like many sources used and well composed like the blood work
Fantastic job on the Girls Eyes, The Balloons, John's Face and The Ketchup. Some of that stuff on the wall might bother me a bit, but I haven't been able to look down that far yet to find out. Is that Denise Milani. My Favorite.
thanks very much. (i have no idea who the woman is. I googled the word b.o.o.b.s, and she appeared)
Congratulations jeremix. Great search term..
Coool, a slight departure from your style, most impressive. Congrats Jere
Jere Jere Jere. You da man. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Surreal Octopus Out of Ideas

Surreal Octopus Out of Ideas
I used to create art pieces like nothing. Ideas used to come to me all the time. But it seems like the better I get at, creating, the harder it is for me to come up with concepts. Over thinking maybe. Or over worked. So many things I want to do, (hence the octpus hand, a reference to doing many things at one time, yet only being able to do one thing at a time), but yet and still I canít think of anything too doÖIím out of ideas.
Member reactions:
Blow my brains.... great work and the Bulb replaced with the head... looks like some Pirate took over him
Shut your computer off for a few days and go some place. Get outside and do something fun. It will be very hard to do, but you need a break and your talent will thank you and surprise you with better ideas and a winning entry. By the way this entry is great.
Congratulations Benzibox. Wonderfully surreal. What a Great Idea. "being out of ideas"
I know how you feel Benzibox. But you did a great job for someone with chopper's block.
Love this... great atmosphere - and somehow it conveys your frustration. Hang tough... this too will pass...
Amazing flight of idea and chopping, BENZI. Welcome back, and congrats on the silver.

Funny Dream Angel in a Surreal Landscape

Dream Angel in a Surreal Landscape
Member reactions:
Love those fractal wings. I've used them as source as well. Handsome looking chop. I am impressed at the overlay and distortion effects
-- thanks guys... Love that you approve. The angel throws you kisses.

Funny Surreal Dancing in the Sky

Surreal Dancing in the Sky
Member reactions:
Out of the box, very nicely done with the frame and objests placement. I guess some finishing required in the outlines
Excellent dance show.... love the out of bounds job looks great
Congratulations Laff. Wonderful OOB Idea.
Thankyou all soooo much. I loved doing this one - but the blokes were a challenge. Small pic - and difficult to improve the quality. However... a happy result. ...

Funny Surreal Digital Art

Surreal Digital Art
It was a day free of pain from a neck twinge that has been constant for over 2 months, and when I was working on the figure in the middle, I painted a huge cheshire grin which I was wearing all day and so the figure is representation of me on a painfree day.
Member reactions:
Good use of Vibrant colors and shades got some inner meaning in that modern art well done
Love the Hat Bob Did you get that vacationing on the Big Island.

Funny A different Surreal India

A different Surreal India
See large
Member reactions:
Congrads on the top 10 finish. Some people see a six, one word, " " just above average. A 5.
Thanks guys. I guess we did not have a big surrealism crowd this time around.
Very artistic . This contest was high level
Great effort but, Xaos54 is back in town and hogging the Winner's circle.
Well it's hard going up against a fantastic artist with the latest gear, Ger. If we were playing pool I'd be shooting potatoes with a broomstick compared to his 15K Balabushka If you saw the antiquated crap I have to use to produce my chops your jaw would drop. Many thanks for the votes folks. I won't be doing much surrealism in the future, you have spoken ... I listen

Funny Surreal Photoshop Image

Surreal Photoshop Image
Member reactions:
It looks like lot of time spend in creating this freaky chop... many sources seen
It sure is a lot of cut and pasting, arranging and manipulating. It's a page from a psychiatric text on peyote or something Pretty cool. Wish it would have scored higher, D.

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