The Surreal World
The Surreal World
The Surreal World. . Member reactions:
I would love to have a bigger pic, this is so amazing stuff here
Superb chop. Great colors and perspective. Love the bubbles.
Freaky as it gets. Reminds me some Lewis Carroll stuff
Your compositions are coming along quite nicely, Andwhat. Me like a lot
Your right up here at the top, with a great chop, AndWhat..
Great Chopping Andwhat. Congratz on a wonderful image. Luv the neckid chicken

Funny putin in a surreal tree

putin in a surreal tree
sources. Member reactions:
Very, impressive, Hidden. Lots of Russian symbolism here - from a bear to AK-47 to Russian vodka to the hammer and sickle.
Excellent chop but shouldn't the eye be higher up as an indication of the eye in the sky always vigilant always watching. Just a question.
very nice and genius concept . Cool details
Newsy you forgot to mention Putin Well I like the color theme and the way he is sitting on the Eyed tree with those tools. Amazing idea and very cleaver work
thanks Armatien, geriatric, sulliishere and eric.
Magnific representation of russian power, sadness and solitude.
Powerful image, especially like how you worked the rope.
Great Surrealistic Idea. The background treatment really makes it pop.
Congrats on the gold jeremix ,stunning chop
Congratulations Jeremix. Long time away from FN-eh.
Thanks alot guys. geriatric...i'm always lurking, but i finally felt like making something again. It's hard without cigs..
Congrats,Jeremix. Congrats,Jeremix. Excellent surrealist style picture.
Congrats buddy...100% fantastic chop...perfect merge and fantastic imagination.
Well well well, you certainly have been AWOL haha. Nice to see you back and great comeback. Congrats on the gold
Sorry for the late comment..just seeing this now. FANTASTIC work. Adding to my faves.

Funny surreal angry man

surreal angry man
sources. Member reactions:, totally freaky and magnificently worked.TY
TY.I changed a lot of details since.
This is the result of Obama Care.You will be Okay, as long as you never catch a cold or the flu. And if you do...Obama and his death panel have a pill you can take for that.Nice re-mix of the angry guys head.Only 1 question. Why.
Great use of source...and the crazy man looks jelly sea creature erupted out of under water volcano good one like it....
Congrats. I know now what it reminded me of, a nighlok
Thanks.(i had to google nighlok but yeah, there are some simularities there.)
Congratulations on the Win Jeremix.Great Freaky Picture
Exquisitely gross Great cloning and knitting. My fav. Gratos my man. Gold for you today.
Gold congrats, jeremix. Super disgustingly cool.
Gross and brilliant. Jere strikes again. Congrats on the gold, you freak.

Funny Surreal nature

Surreal nature
. Member reactions:
Lovely... small ships and the water inside the glass house looks so beautiful

Funny Surreal Ocean Landscape

Surreal Ocean Landscape
Video of the Sources i used for this Chop. Member reactions:
Excellent Ocean Bed really great to see Dolphins and the person fishing.. lot of hard work seen... good merge of sea water and the sky wonderful chop ...
Brilliant work of keeping a square place full of Water and surrounded by sky-wall Love this concept.. floating with you hidden
much much much compliment my friend.... is a faaaantastic and surreal composition

Funny Surreal Sea Landscape

Surreal Sea Landscape
Can you find the woman and the Pegasus.. Member reactions:
Great lighting effects, Nice space look over
Looks very beautiful and colorful sweet job done
Very nice artwork, it's a interesting concept, well done...
I guess no one found the lady or Pegasus.

Funny Getting Over Fears Surreal Digital Art

Getting Over Fears Surreal Digital Art
Getting over fears with the help of a friend. Member reactions:
I know the feeling after having to watch 'Barney & Friends' for a living(PBS). Your image is how I thought of that insipid character at 08:30 Hrs. every morning. The Purple Monster loved by all children-with teeth. Love your creation-High marks for originality and loveable humor.
Freaky Awesome.. This is it.No words can explain the greatness of this entry. Love it.
, love to know what was in the author's head with this one Funny work.
Excellent thinking -- A man rowing Shark as a ship but not on water, on a dry land. cute doggy looking up. Great composition all over. I love Jesus Savior of the world
Great thinking a sharp with horn, Every characters is something different in it greatttttttttt
you did a great job, i like the composition, very well taken care, surreal and funny. good
benzi maaaaany congrats for your beautiful bronze cup
thanks guys, i know this is lil different from the usual entry didn't expect to place...thanks
Brilliant flight of imagination and chopping.Congrats on the bronze, Benzi.
this time you are BENZI -out of the- BOX great job man, congratulation.

Funny Surreal Clown Balancing Act

Surreal Clown Balancing Act
. Member reactions:
Excellent piece of work. Looks like they should be in 'Alice in Wonderland'.
Its funny when I made her I thought Alice meets a Clockwork Orange - maybe I should have called it Alex in Wonderland - .
'Alex in Wonderland' is something else all-together, not really 'mad' at all. Your rabbit is from Personally I am stuck on killing the teapot.
Excellent work, shadows were well placed, good to see the rat showing the time, overall all the best
So nice work here, good work of source and nice merge.

Funny Man Wearing a Surreal Hat

Man Wearing a Surreal Hat
. Member reactions:
Looks like he has a great pain of Brain tumor, very well done
Awesome work inside the hat, nice background and good work with this chop
Very cool
Wood congrats, robinbobin.
Congrats on the wood, Robin. Colorful and great.

Funny Magritte Surreal Artist

Magritte Surreal Artist
Artist:Rene MagritteCompletion Date: 1937Place of Creation: Brussels, BelgiumStyle:Surrealism Period:Brussels pre-war and war years Genre:allegorical painting Technique:oil Material: canvas Dimensions: 47.6 x 31.3 cmGallery: Private Collection . Member reactions:
Mr.Potato..some 1 is spoofing frm window. nicely done

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