Surreal Carousel
Surreal Carousel
Surreal Carousel. Kick up your heels and go play outside.
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snowing in N.Y. in spring
Hey, it's 47 today in North Florida today. Definitely wishful thinking, but March 20th was the first day of spring.

Funny Surreal Ocean Creatures

Surreal Ocean Creatures
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Nice image specially elephant is going to th hand.....
Fantastic work.... it looks like a fantasy thiller movie sequence... Love to see the slide of the chess board into the sea... looks real
Thanks disasterman,ricky, eric and rajeshstar
Lot of things here and a bit of surrealism
Good job though, the drop shadow from the bonsai tree is confusing ...
Cool surreal composition. I agree with QTR, the shadow from the bonsai tree should not be cast onto the sky
Maybe I am weird but I like the shadow in this instance because it breaks up the plane of reality and does confuse it. If you continued with the shadow on the hand as well it would look like the hand was supporting the elephant in an out of bounds scene. You'd have to do a little more shadow tweaking but I bet that would flip this chop right onto my weird-o-meter and pin the needle

Funny Waterfalls Surreal Digital Art

Waterfalls Surreal Digital Art
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Very well done. In some way it reminds me of the four horsemen of the apocalypse
Awesome Very nice caricature Well executed..
Looks like some mystic environment pics full of fantacy and surprises
Impressive merge with perfect balance of contrast and brightness.. I like it
Quality work, maiden. and I see you have uploaded your avatar. Nice to finally "see" you.

Funny Dead Surreal Woman Sitting in Surreal Sitting Room

Dead Surreal Woman Sitting in Surreal Sitting Room
Member reactions:
Surreal wonder it is. Love the red bird cat.
This is just Awesome The Parrot and Cat Combination is just superb Cute doggie too
A Freaky and different concept.... putting a cat face on the bird and a devil face on the beauty is really appreciable
So let me guess,,, She's in the Cat/Bird's seat. great stuff here.
I want one of those strange looking cats, great job as always and congrats on the win.
Both incarnations of this did well. Thank you folks.... Ya'll rock and apparently like the surreal as much as I do
Congratulations Hit-man. I think the cat sold the picture, but my favorite is the freaky doll crawling on stage.
Thank you all again. Yep SS, The cat probably should be a chop all by itself. Gummy
Congrats... BOY, you must have some nightmares. What do you eat before going to beds...
Grumpy. The trick is not to sleep Hehe. Thanks everyone

Funny Surreal Pavement Sculpture

Surreal Pavement Sculpture
Just Kaws Being Kaws. Best View Large Source Images
Member reactions:
Thanks NewsMaster. You had me up late on this one. Once I got started I got hooked.
Simply excellent. This one looks golden too.
Excellent and Rose is beautiful.Nice chop
Great Rockart and the Bubble of water on the roots is really awesome... good creativity art
Thanks Eric, Balo, D-man, Raj, Paul, and, Hobbit .. I think the rose is my favorite part too. I found the key to the Speed Contest. Loss of Sleep
Congratulations. You have attained your black belt in imaginative chopping and have all the rights and privleges that go with the rank. Furthermore you will henceforth have a giant target painted on your back and all the youngling white belts will come gunning for you. This chop is terrific. Very well done and Congrats on the gold
* Thanks much Hit-Man. What a wonderful treasured compliment you have painted for me. I understand completely. And I'm not unfamiliar with being a target. Being a target is one of those perks my friend.
Thanks Chip... Lord of the Gulls Rocks. Obama's Thumb..
SShot, this is a, golden, masterpiece.. Amazing what you created from your sources..
That is One Grand Compliment. Thanks Champ...
In the interest of equal outcomes, I move SplatShot be excluded from future competitions. Do I have a 2nd. Seriously, this is just awesome.
*Thanks N-Master. *Thank you much Tuco *Thanks Paco. I hear where you coming from. Thanks to NewsMaster we get to Showcase all the cup winners on the front page now. That's Cool. By the way..Your After Shots: Of Putin and Obama is a Classic...

Funny Surreal Mutant Angry Man

Surreal Mutant Angry Man
Member reactions:, totally freaky and magnificently worked. TY
This is the result of Obama Care. You will be Okay, as long as you never catch a cold or the flu. And if you do...Obama and his death panel have a pill you can take for that. Nice re-mix of the angry guys head. Only 1 question. Why.
Great use of source...and the crazy man looks jelly sea creature erupted out of under water volcano good one like it....
Congrats. I know now what it reminded me of, a nighlok
Thanks. (i had to google nighlok but yeah, there are some simularities there.)
Congratulations on the Win Jeremix. Great Freaky Picture
Exquisitely gross Great cloning and knitting. My fav. Gratos my man. Gold for you today.
Gold congrats, jeremix. Super disgustingly cool.
Gross and brilliant. Jere strikes again. Congrats on the gold, you freak.

Funny Surreal Octopus Out of Ideas

Surreal Octopus Out of Ideas
I used to create art pieces like nothing. Ideas used to come to me all the time. But it seems like the better I get at, creating, the harder it is for me to come up with concepts. Over thinking maybe. Or over worked. So many things I want to do, (hence the octpus hand, a reference to doing many things at one time, yet only being able to do one thing at a time), but yet and still I cant think of anything too doIm out of ideas.
Member reactions:
Blow my brains.... great work and the Bulb replaced with the head... looks like some Pirate took over him
Shut your computer off for a few days and go some place. Get outside and do something fun. It will be very hard to do, but you need a break and your talent will thank you and surprise you with better ideas and a winning entry. By the way this entry is great.
Congratulations Benzibox. Wonderfully surreal. What a Great Idea. "being out of ideas"
I know how you feel Benzibox. But you did a great job for someone with chopper's block.
Love this... great atmosphere - and somehow it conveys your frustration. Hang tough... this too will pass...
Amazing flight of idea and chopping, BENZI. Welcome back, and congrats on the silver.

Funny Dream Angel in a Surreal Landscape

Dream Angel in a Surreal Landscape
Member reactions:
Love those fractal wings. I've used them as source as well. Handsome looking chop. I am impressed at the overlay and distortion effects
-- thanks guys... Love that you approve. The angel throws you kisses.

Funny Surreal Dancing in the Sky

Surreal Dancing in the Sky
Member reactions:
Out of the box, very nicely done with the frame and objests placement. I guess some finishing required in the outlines
Excellent dance show.... love the out of bounds job looks great
Congratulations Laff. Wonderful OOB Idea.
Thankyou all soooo much. I loved doing this one - but the blokes were a challenge. Small pic - and difficult to improve the quality. However... a happy result. ...

Funny Surreal Digital Art

Surreal Digital Art
It was a day free of pain from a neck twinge that has been constant for over 2 months, and when I was working on the figure in the middle, I painted a huge cheshire grin which I was wearing all day and so the figure is representation of me on a painfree day.
Member reactions:
Good use of Vibrant colors and shades got some inner meaning in that modern art well done
Love the Hat Bob Did you get that vacationing on the Big Island.

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