Funny The Alabama and Kearsarge Surprise

The Alabama and Kearsarge Surprise
  Source Painting: Alabama and Kearsarge
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The Bermuda Triangle . 😎 Congrats Reggie
Congrads on the Woodie,another fine piece.
Congrats, Reggie. Lol... I think the shark might get the biggest surprise.
Congrats on the pic, really looks good.....
Thank You SplatShot "The Shark Surprise" , might make a good chop. Thanks Hobbit, for the nice comment, appreciated.

Funny Surprise

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Ha, And no hand to swat it off Good One.
Congrats on the Silver, HH. Funny Stuff. Great facial expression on your cyborg head.
Congrats HHouse on the Silver, Well Done.

Funny Surprise tattoo for VIP Customer

Surprise tattoo for VIP Customer
Putin's nick name as agent of KGB was "Cigarette Butt"
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I wouldn't trust Trump to TOUCH me. Nice and clean

Funny Surprise for Putin

Surprise for Putin
Member reactions:
nice work on water spills... and look his expression

Funny The Artic Volcano Surprise

The Artic Volcano Surprise
Missing Volcano Sources

Funny The Biggest Surprise of the Year! Trump has won the election!

The Biggest Surprise of the Year! Trump has won the election!
- Bill, what are you doing in the Trump's bedroom. - Hillary, but you said I will sleep with president next day after the election.
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Trump, with Putin lodged firmly somewhere, indeed won.
Putin is freak. He always try to be with strong guy. It is his experience from the city streets.

Funny Surprised grouper

Surprised grouper
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Thought this was the winner. Nice one Denlig

Funny easter surprise

easter surprise
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Great image. Bernie looks a little embarrassed and shy.

Funny Chicken has an Easter Surprise

Chicken has an Easter Surprise
Even Chickens and Rabbits experience miracles. Fortunately our camera was there right at this "What The .....Heck.." moment.
Member reactions:
I've got wood... In some ways better than Gold. Thanks everybody
Yep, the reuse of the earlier source was a dead give-away . Wood congrats.
(In Jerry Seinfeld's voice): NEWMAN. Great work--clean and professional. Grats
Congrats on the Wood, "not so hidden author" ... nice touch having them looking at each other ...
.. ""not so hidden author" " - right Qtrmoonshop, the Logo kind of gives it away oh well

Funny Celebrity Surprises

Celebrity Surprises
Photoshop surprise visits / appearance of Bush or another celebrity or politician.

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