Surprised Shoes
Surprised Shoes
Surprised Shoes.

Funny Surprise!

Flipper shows up in Brooklyn...

Funny Roses surprise

Roses surprise
The suitor may be boasting, but at least he likes to play it safe.
Member reactions:
I've always found Under-exaggerating myself leads to less dissapointment later Lets just hope he can pull it off later and doesn't look like a lonely carrot in a grocery bag.
It came to Bob 9 months later that roses had thorns...
lets hope RED "ROSE" to the Occasion for his Valetine.

Funny Easter Surprise

Easter Surprise
Scientists and the Alien connection folks had been fooled for years until this recent discovery.
Member reactions:
Great job. Now we know that everything is made in China.

Funny Olive Surprise

Olive Surprise
"Yes, waiter, I'll have the Olive Surprise"

Funny Surprise Ben Affleck

Surprise Ben Affleck
Ben was as surprised as everyone else when one of his opponents was caught cheating.
Member reactions:
The Poker God makes appearances ONLY for true believers

Funny Blue Dress Surprise Bill Clinton

Blue Dress Surprise Bill Clinton
Right place, right time, wrong blue dress.
Member reactions:
Looks like she's drooling too. Great entry.
Hey Janet, lets slip outside for a little fun.

Funny Janeane Garofalo Surprise

Janeane Garofalo Surprise
Janeane Garofalo surprised the country this week by completely reversing her views and joining the military to help defend our country. I wouldn't want to be an Iraqi that runs into her.

Funny Dixie Chicks Surprise

Dixie Chicks Surprise
You'll never see this again.
Member reactions:
You'd think he'd be happy to be there.. Birds of a feather...

Funny Bush & Hussain Surprise

Bush & Hussain Surprise
Saddam Hussein makes a surprise visit at the White House. During the press conference, Saddam said "I admit I had weapons of mass destruction, but they are no more. Let's end the war. Let's be friends." Saddam mysteriously disappeared shortly thereafter.
Member reactions:
That would certainly be a surprise. Nice work.

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