Tiger Woods Has Back Surgery
Tiger Woods Has Back Surgery
Tiger Woods Has Back Surgery. Tiger Woods has back surgery
Member reactions:
so thats the secreat of such a perfect cooper
A clever puppy should stay a lot far from such a player
The clam fixed so well to match up the link the hot lady and the dog steal the show here
Great job.... really.... Congrats on the bronze
HAT-TRICK. You are racking-up those HAT-TRICKS Doc. Triple-Congratulations.

Funny Jagger Plastic Surgery

Jagger Plastic Surgery
Was a headache to remove all the wrinkles keeping the skin texture. source: http://entretenimiento.starmedia.com/musica/mick-jagger-en-peru.html
Member reactions:
He does look younger after your clean up job - lotsa work done.
Lot of work done (I mean surgery) here. Splendid result.

Funny Has Barry Manilow Had Plastic Surgery?

Has Barry Manilow Had Plastic Surgery?
Has Barry had plastic surgery over the years.
Member reactions:
Hahahaaa, Evirio is right. Just like Hellraser.
Hey, it hurts me just looking at him. Grat job.
Painful to look at but, nice work as usual.

Funny Governor Chris Christie After Lap Band Surgery

Governor Chris Christie After Lap Band Surgery
Member reactions:
.... it looks like a Surgery has changed his life
Very Funny chop and Good treatment of Body
Silver congrats, Paul. Gotta send this one to Christie.
CONGRATS pcrdds on BOTH winning entries. They are well deserved...

Funny Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery
Member reactions:
Like the idea of plastic surgery and its after effects.. a Complete package designed and Vlad pic is very funny good credentials used
Before, After, during all the stages are very nice
Amazing offerings here... Will preparation and estate planning... Since freaky Doc is in mask
. How many titles do I hold.. Seems I (you) did a fine job on Buscemi. Tom Cruise will be jealous. Congrats on the wood, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy. You're a physician, dentist, lawyer, optometrist and chiropractor and you also hold a doctorate in graphics. Who better to own this practice. .


missed the contest but she definitely loox freaky enough for this contest
Member reactions:
, she's the first victim of bad plastic surgery.

Funny Plastic surgery Thomas More to Mona Lisa

Plastic surgery Thomas More to Mona Lisa

Funny American Gothic Surgery

American Gothic Surgery
Woman: Nose job, Neck reduction, brea$t implants, hair extensions, laser skin resurfacing, dental porcelain crowns, collagen in lips. Man: Hair implants, full-mouth dental restoration, face lift, chin reduction, pectoral implants, nose length reduction, laser skin resurfacing, eyelid liposuction, contact lenses.
Member reactions:
Really Hilarious and fantastic job done good results came out

Funny Intelli-chip Implant Surgery Blunder For Barack Obama

Intelli-chip Implant Surgery Blunder For Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Zombie voice in the background " Braiiiins Braaaains...." Excellent.
Congratulations. I, now, have my screensaver pic-o'-the-week.
Really excellent chop Funkyman . . . definitely one of my many favorites of yours. … I especially love the Michelle figure, and great expressions on both. Oh yeah, Gold Congrats as well.
so THATS why he needs a teleprompter EXCELLENT work I gotta send a copy of this to Mr. Axelrod, The poor man needs a good laugh

Funny Vladimir Putin After Plastic Surgery

Vladimir Putin After Plastic Surgery
Member reactions:
I'm glad for you liked Disasterman111. Thank you.

Funny Plastic (Art) Surgery

Plastic (Art) Surgery
A younger and happier version of Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa was presented in Geneva with the suggestion that the painting was executed by the Renaissance master approximately a decade earlier than the iconic picture that hangs in the Louvre. Known as the Isleworth Mona Lisa, the artwork has been the focus of a 35 years of research, which has been summarized in a 320-page book published by The Mona Lisa Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Zurich, Switzerland. Listing historical and archival records, scientific and experimental data, the book aims to support the theory that the painting is the original portrait of Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo, while the Louvre masterpiece is a later version, completed in Rome around 1516 at the encouragement of Lorenzo de' Medici's brother Giuliano. The authenticity of Isleworth Mona Lisa is disputed by many art experts, however. "Rather than an unfinished work by Leonardo, "Isleworth Mona" looks like a cheap fake version of Mona Lisa with makeup and plastic surgery", one blogger said. In this contest you are asked to do plastic surgery on famous works of art - paintings, drawings and sculptures - and give characters plastic surgeries and makeup. E.g. collagen shots, botox injections, hair transplants, nose jobs, face lifts, and brea$t jobs. Please keep your entries Safe For Work.

Funny Putin's Plastic Surgery

Putin's Plastic Surgery
In a bid to once again become Russia's president, Vladimir Putin has pledged to lift his country’s sagging economy, nip corruption in the bud, and smooth fractured relations with regional neighbors. But according to the blogosphere and a Russian magazine, so far all the lifting, nipping and smoothing Putin's done has focused on his face. The Russian magazine New Times ran an article earlier this month titled "What Has Happened with Putin’s Face?" Four plastic surgeons told the magazine he likely had undergone plastic surgery – receiving Botox injections in his forehead, an eyelift, and cheek injections. Show how Putin may look after alternative plastic surgeries.

Funny Renaissance Plastic Surgery

Renaissance Plastic Surgery
[ Scientists in Italy did a "plastic surgery reconstruction" of the face of the most famous Italian poet Dante, 700 years after his life. ] In the old days people were born and lived as God created them. Nowadays, plastic surgeons continue the "creation process", but unlike God they don't do it for free. Pamela Anderson once complained to her plastic surgeon: "It took you several surgeries to do my breasts and you charged me a fortune, while God created the world in just six days and he did it for free!" The surgeon said: "Yeah, but look at this messy world and look at this beautiful pair of breasts." In this contest you are asked to do plastic surgery on famous works of art - paintings, drawings and sculptures - and give characters plastic surgeries. E.g. collagen shots, botox injections, nose jobs, face lifts, and breast jobs. Any other modernizations of depicted characters (modernizing clothes, and items) are allowed as long as there's plastic surgery job done in the entry too. We will accept works from Renaissance and any other old period.

Funny Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery
[ Cameron Diaz announced that she will have a plastic surgery on her nose, after it's been broken four times in different surfing accidents. ] Cameron Diaz had strong reasons to wait for her nose to be broken four times before deciding to have it fixed. All because she knows one rule about noses - "if it ain't broken, don't fix it". Most Hollywood blondes (Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears), however, have their noses fixed because they think it's too big. Their noses are fine, but their faces are too small. In this contest you are asked to photoshop / perform any type of plastic surgery on Cameron Diaz.

Funny Chin and Jaw Plastic Surgery

Chin and Jaw Plastic Surgery
It's chin and jaw time at FreakingNews. Alter chins and or jaws of celebrities and politicians - make them larger, smaller, reshape them, add/remove double chins, - you are the plastic surgeon today.

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