Strange Surfing Students at the Beach
Strange Surfing Students at the Beach
Strange Surfing Students at the Beach.

Funny Barack Obama Kite Surfing Tsunami at White House

Barack Obama Kite Surfing Tsunami at White House

Funny Surfs Up Digital Art

Surfs Up Digital Art
Member reactions:
I liked his hand stuck in the stone
Cowabunga. Surfs up and so is this pic. Great job.
And also Bronze congrats, deaddog. Double Whammy for you today.
Awesome stuff DD Congrats on another well done
Hey deaddog, you tried to take my trophy stone too. Congrats on double podium.
And congrats on Bronze - this was my favourite in the contest by the way. Way to go, deaddog.
Ok, and here's some info about the statue. The photo was taken during my holiday on the German isle Föhr. It's part of a group of statues lining the beach near the town Wyk. This one shows the shape of Föhr's neighbor isle Amrum.
Another strike of brilliance from DD. Congrats on the bronze.
Thanks NM., Sunshin3, TiredTom and BOULPIX.

Funny Tim Geithner Surfing

Tim Geithner Surfing
Member reactions:
Where is this big head headed. Good one.

Funny Japan's Naoto Kan Surfing Tsunami

Japan's Naoto Kan Surfing Tsunami
Japan's prime minister Naoto Kan visits earthquake, tsunami zone Source
Member reactions:
Not a good day in Japan for anyone. Good work.
Simple Classic Work. I would like to add some some floating to the skateboard too.
thanx guys, krrish thanx for the tip
www , the way you laid this out is smooth , great job ...
This rocks on so many levels. You rawk, hidden.
Congrats on the win Salis. Be careful with that gold, it might be radioactive.
Hahahaha, This is yours :O . Sorry for the tip. Congrats S.
Nice work Salis.....thanks for killing my dreams again. HA HA.
Cowabunga Fukushima dudes. Congrats Salis
Krrish : ur tip was right and I took it, no sorries budy Rainman: u got that right thanx alot folks for votes and comments
Great one . i really like ur style salis simple but perfect . luv this one .. keep going

Funny Unicorn Surfing Past Tower Bridge

Unicorn Surfing Past Tower Bridge

Funny Dog Smoking and Surfing the Internet

Dog Smoking and Surfing the Internet
Sites for social networking between pets View all Sources Anyone knows what he saw .
Member reactions:
Excellent use of sources and a very, very good composition. I love it.
Funny the drool. (though the very bright glowing edge around the doggy on the left side is a bit distracting)
Clever composition. I like the cigarette pack very much. MarlDogo Smoking Kills Dogs Too. Awesome.
Awesome chop kratos, Congratulations . Way2go...
Congrats Kratos, you will always amaze me.
Kratos my man,it was nice to play along with you mate. Congrats on the win , and keep up the good work and spirit
thanks guys -Edited by Moderator on 3/15/2011 9:36:38 AM
Great chop, perfect blended and beautiful My congrats on the cup.
Nice to see your work again. Love the lighting effects.
love your work brother =) you're cool designer

Funny Urban Surfing

Urban Surfing
Member reactions:
nicely that in Queensland...i heard the event was won by a woman from Towoomba on a wardrobe...
Actually, the scene composite is mostly made from a pic from Iowa....
I like this LoLGoat
lovely blend. I love the central part with the elephants too

Funny Ski Surfing

Ski Surfing
Some stocks
Member reactions:
Nice transition idea Would the wave in the distance be cut off by the board though.
Very creative composition, and splendidly executed
Cool concept... No pun intended Artfully mastered.

Funny Surfing in Antarctica

Surfing in Antarctica
One surfer's dream is anothers reality.
Member reactions:
My thoughts were that the foregound needed some life and as always there is a few ways of doing this.

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