Not Sure Where He Is Going
Not Sure Where He Is Going
Not Sure Where He Is Going. Member reactions:
Lol, I'm not sure where he's going either, fantastic job on this Hidden.
Congrats on the cup. Nicely Asymboled, Hits.
Fine job and towards my thinking too. I couldn't create a work of praise with his horrendous inhumanity to man record.

Funny I'm Still Not Sure!

I'm Still Not Sure!

Funny Sure Sight Systems

Sure Sight Systems
Police in Pakistan have seized a huge quantity of alcohol stolen from shipments destined for US-led forces stationed in Afghanistan.
Member reactions:
Now if they could only make something comparable for when you are hunting gals at the bar.

Funny Trump's sure to Golf

Trump's sure to Golf

Funny Sure Shrek

Sure Shrek

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