Suppository Rocket Launch
Suppository Rocket Launch
Suppository Rocket Launch.

Funny Suppository Airlines

Suppository Airlines
Travel to the unknown...Suppository Airlines
Member reactions:
Cute. It really makes "open up the hangar for the airplane" take on a "hole" new meaning. :O
Nice white dwarf on the Air very cute airline
Made me giggle. Congrats on the wood, Mundo.

Funny Phenergan Suppository Gun

Phenergan Suppository Gun
Member reactions:
Had no choice but to burst out laughing when I saw this. Great sense of humor. Think you should fix the bottom of the background and make it go all the way down and across.
Freaking GENIUS. I'm with Paul - laughing hard here.
my god that would hurt....and be cold too
Congrats on the win, aintme. ...and by the way, please update your email address on your account, because the current one keeps bouncing off.
Lol, what a crazy idea. Congrats on the gold
This is great, congratulations on the GOLD aintme.
congrats....nice to visit here.. good day sir newsy.
Hello, Allan, you lost boy. Great to see you again.
On a side note, I have a .22 cal target pistol just like that. Very funny piece.

Funny Bullet Suppositories

Bullet Suppositories
IUO = Internal Use Only
Member reactions:
Excellent concept and execution. Congratulations on the silver (bullet).
congratulations. i bet they work great ,, tooooo.

Funny Obama Nation Suppositories

Obama Nation Suppositories
Member reactions:
Awesome...LOVE the concept and content. If the "H" and Obama's Pic was sharper it would be totally awesome

Funny Suppository Navy Poster

Suppository Navy Poster

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