Support the Troops Postage Stamp
Support the Troops Postage Stamp
Support the Troops Postage Stamp. Member reactions:
nice idea, but border do not look like stamp for me

Funny Atlas Supporting Google Earth

Atlas Supporting Google Earth
Now Atlas has Google-earth to contend with.
Member reactions:
nice idea...but in B&W image you should deliver the white and black area...try to use brightness-contrast

Funny No Support

No Support
You'd sag without support too. Full view is bigger.
Member reactions:
Would be better if the trees underneath were'nt warped
The river surface is crooked, should be easy to fix.

Funny New Evidence Supports Record

New Evidence Supports Record
Republicans Find New Evidence Supporting G.W.B. National Guard Record Full View if you like
Member reactions:
Man, what kind of school has a concrete floor. . Love the pic.

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