Superman and Batman Combined
Superman and Batman Combined
Superman and Batman Combined. Superman & Batman Movie Coming. Comic-Con Heats Up With Surprise Announcement Background
Member reactions:
Great new avatar created Two powers in One Joker is really funny now
Congrads on the Silver Cup. Quality work always.
Thank you pcrdds, geriatric, Xaos54 and Wanderer ... ...
Glad you like it,Hitspinner. Thank you ... ... By the way, where is AZ Rainman ... I saw a lot of amazing images made by him.

Funny Superman Boss

Superman Boss
Member reactions:
Very well draw... Like the facial expression and the cat the most
Now you can get a raise. You got his image published hahahahaah Nice job
Bronze congrats, DAL. Great comic book look.
Congrats on the bronze, DAL. Great show of drawing skills here.

Funny Michael Caine Superman

Michael Caine Superman
Member reactions:
A middle class super hero... turning zero into Hero is his core competencies well composed like the shady and smoky effects

Funny Superman Lowers His Center Of Gravity

Superman Lowers His Center Of Gravity
Member reactions:
Like to see him in shorter legs this will make him to use his arms more

Funny Superman Boy

Superman Boy
"Didn't we all dress up like Superman and jump of the house roof like young idjuts."
Member reactions:
Very well done, great poster work. fantastic chop. super cool look of the boy and great texts. Perfect mix with background Super like
The fate of our country..... very well executed this comment i have seen the original poster and this one is really great Excellent job done

Funny Ron Paul Superman

Ron Paul Superman
Member reactions:
Change is inevitable... Even superpowers could not stop it. Its always changes. Well done with Paul in a Superman Attire

Funny Pink Superman

Pink Superman

Funny Superman on the Moon

Superman on the Moon
Member reactions:
Nicely done on blending, lighting and shadows . . . though, Superman looks a little too much like art in this photo . . .

Funny Superman at a Train Station

Superman at a Train Station
And don't forget the dry cleaning this time.
Member reactions:
Nice look and overall feel . . . he's not quite looking at her though . . . he appears to be looking straight forward at the viewer . . .
Silver Congrats . . . here's looking at you.
Congrats. Convincingly atmospheric Great work.
Thanks thanks thanks.. Qtrmoonshop, yeah, I'm okay with that, because I feel like he's looking at us as if to say "can you believe she's bitching at me again." . COOL, doing a big happy dance..

Funny Superman Attacking War Planes

Superman Attacking War Planes
Member reactions:
. So much action. So well done. But is it a photograph source or an illustration.
The original photo was the war planes in ww2 then i chopped the Hulk & superman into the photo . Thx Diamonds & Icyalleyecan ....
I also used a shadow tool , blur & a topaz filter to get this result .

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