Superman Losing His Head
Superman Losing His Head
Superman Losing His Head.

Funny Ronald Reagan as Superman

Ronald Reagan as Superman
I was originally going to call this Republic man and Evil Dick,but then I thought ,naww better not.sounds kinda evil. I have always had a fascination with japanese posters and how other movie posters look like. The actual logo for this particular piece is from superman 2. I think the hardest part, for me, was trying to get the R right on reagans chest. I used a black brush to define his muscles,and a white brush to highlight the top of his chest and thighs. I hope you like.
Member reactions:
LOve this. Dicks nose could use alittle work, he had that vertical crease on his nose. Just a small quibble.
dicks nose could use some work...o....thanks carl.
awesome chop, love how you did the motion on his hands only..taught me alot..I ussually do motion over the whole object, this shows me i was wrong and your way has way more impact...
thanks goat and i am glad you like it. First off tho, you are not wrong,you can always so a motion blur over the entire body,just maybe cut back your blur around the body and accent the hands more. Thank you rajeshstar,krrish, and newsmaster.

Funny Pink Superman

Pink Superman
Member reactions:
Is that Double Bubble or Bazooka. Great Job..

Funny Super Foot - Superman

Super Foot - Superman
Smellier than a high school locker room, more powerful than Al Bundy's socks, and able to stomp out crime in a single leap.
Member reactions:
Sweet. But how does he disguise himself when he wants to be regular foot.
Yardle: He puts on a pair on Nikes LoL
Kellie, couldn't of said it better myself.
Super idea, like the superman, great, awesome job done
Super RainDude strikes again. Had me fooled with this one but, didn't miss the quality of the chop. Congratulations.
Way to go, Man Of Rain. Wonderful, as usual.
With a face shaped like a foot, Superman could really kick arse. Nice clean work. I like the smooth effect you achieved with this pic.
Wee awesome work As Usual AZ Super Congrats
awesome work teacher big congrats on the golden cup again .. keep going ..
This is too funny , awesome chop Mark & Congrats ....

Funny Ronald Reagan in Superman Movie

Ronald Reagan in Superman Movie
"What a guy."
Member reactions:
Chop one for the Gipper. Good one, Wiz.

Funny Superman Turkey

Superman Turkey

Funny Napoleon Superman

Napoleon Superman
Member reactions:
Masterfully put together. Mr. Jockey, you rock.

Funny Superman Etch-A-Sketch

Superman Etch-A-Sketch

Funny Canuckman - Canadian Superman

Canuckman - Canadian Superman
Truth, Justice, and the Canadian "eh"
Member reactions:
nice. check out captain canuck on the web
Good job. Would be nice to have bigger image though and choose anti-aliasing for the text

Funny Tony Hayward as the Incredible Hulk Vs Superman Obama

Tony Hayward as the Incredible Hulk Vs Superman Obama
Just a last minute chop. Finally got a day off and had a little time to play. Enjoy BP Chief Tony Hayward as the Incredible Bulk flexing his muscle and flashing his oil stained money as he lobbies in DC. Meanwhile, "Super What Do I Do Man." looks on. BP flexes muscle in D.C. BP feels bite of clean energy costs, small article on Hayward
Member reactions:
Well welcome back KB, good to see you chopping again, making the big bucks,instead of working for the Man. You took the year off I'm still making my dine a day.Congrads.

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