Jay Carney Superman
Jay Carney Superman
Jay Carney Superman. Member reactions:
Ha, ha, ha, Hillary's expression is priceless

Funny Jackie Chan as Superman

Jackie Chan as Superman

Funny Superman Dancer

Superman Dancer

Funny Jewish Superman

Jewish Superman
Jews created fictional hero Superman
Member reactions:
Yes...and also created Spiderman and Batman.
Awesome . A suggestion: fly higher than the cry wall
Should have cupped but for some technical points. This is great noodle usage an composition HH.... Hhahhahaahah I gotta add this ti favs

Funny Nicolas Cage as Superman

Nicolas Cage as Superman
Nic Cage was going to play superman on screen a few years back.... I can imagine...after the crushing blow of not getting the part... he would put on a superman costume and just walk around his house all day. Perhaps he might even arrange a very sad photo shoot to show the studios just how great a Superman poster would look with him as the star. Please leave comments and tell me what you think. Here's a work in progress animation
Member reactions:
Hahahaa, totally freaking clever setting and one beauty of a chop.
thanks. I had a lot of fun making it.
Love the WIP you added. Makes me appreciate and enjoy this chop even more.
Thanks. Yea I was trying to find the most ill fitting costume I could, ended up not being a superman costume….meh…close enough.
Very good idea and almost perfect execution ...
LMFAO at the old school tackiness of the props. So cool. Congrats, you got a cup for your fine efforts.
Congrats on the bronze, HOAT... Great to see you again, hope you stop by more often.

Funny Schumacher Superman

Schumacher Superman
scumacher peleando por su vida
Member reactions:
News story and link needed for this contest.
Nice one. Getting the link to work takes some practice.
Now it's working, excellent pic. Watched him tear up F1 for many years.
I fixed the link for you. (You had the HTTP part repeated twice) Excellent chop in support of Schumacher.

Funny Will Smith as Superman with Blue Eyes

Will Smith as Superman with Blue Eyes
Member reactions:
Eyes are usually cute, but thee are creepy.
Thanks, I tried to make a manga. Maybe I should quit doing these
I edited, I made eyes smaller and put goggles but don't know what title to use
Eyes and the Ear studs stole the show looking beautiful
Many thanks for comments Balodiya, D-man, Rajeshstar
Bronze congrats, Lady Sunshine. Nice to see you back again.
Congrats on the bronze, Sun. Great to see you back.
Amazing blue eyes. That was a nice addition. Congrats Sunshine
Thanks a lot for congrats Newsy, Geriatric and Hitspinner

Funny Superman and the First Mobile Phone Call

Superman and the First Mobile Phone Call
Member reactions:
Nice job. Might suggest adding some shadowing under his right foot.
Added some lights, shadows and minor changes.Hope it works.
Thank you,pcrdds,Alligator,Nanny and balodiya.
And he is the only person who can bear the load of it Super-Phone with Hammer feature
Wao... Superman is taking the telephone booth to make a mobile call well chopped in showing the booth Squeezing Like it
This is very freaking clever. Congrats on the gold, gugu.

Funny Superman and Batman Morph

Superman and Batman Morph
Member reactions:
Excellent merge of Super Bat (Man) with Joker nice finish

Funny Superman and Batman Combined

Superman and Batman Combined
Superman & Batman Movie Coming. Comic-Con Heats Up With Surprise Announcement Background
Member reactions:
Great new avatar created Two powers in One Joker is really funny now
Congrads on the Silver Cup. Quality work always.
Thank you pcrdds, geriatric, Xaos54 and Wanderer ... ...
Glad you like it,Hitspinner. Thank you ... ... By the way, where is AZ Rainman ... I saw a lot of amazing images made by him.

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