SuperHuck Screen Test
SuperHuck Screen Test
SuperHuck Screen Test. Hollywood or bust.
Member reactions:
Her hands has watermarks and the other hand could use some fixing, like the face and hair.
I defer to your expert judgment. I made appropriate changes but think you have a sharper monitor than me. I Some of these issues don't show up on this little dinky thing. It never hurts to go over a chop a few times to fine tune, so thanks. Good luck.
Super Concept and Caricature work, Hits. Congrats.
You folks are so kind. Thanks from my heart. I seem to be having a streak, of which I have mixed feelings ... happy and elated I just hope I can inspire enough to raise the bar. We're all good, just how good can we get. Cheers and happy chopping
Congrats Tim, the hands looks great now and the Pic is Tops, hope all is well with you, your work is always Fantastic...🏆

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