Praying Mantis Giraffe at Sunset
Praying Mantis Giraffe at Sunset
Praying Mantis Giraffe at Sunset. Member reactions:
Great idea and wonderfully worked. Congrats on the Gold.
Congrats on the gold, DD. I just imagine how this critter walks.
Great JOB.... CONGRATS DD Bigger would have been better to judge but apparently good nuf
Thanks everyone. I actually almost didn't finish it, got sick of working on it. I had to force myself to get this far, which was a quick finish.

Funny Dolphin Racing in the Sunset

Dolphin Racing in the Sunset
Member reactions:
This deserves a way better score than a 6, seriously.

Funny Silhouettes on a Boat at Sunset

Silhouettes on a Boat at Sunset
A beautiful day on the water. Digital Art.
Member reactions:
Very nice, with one exception: the tree tops lower left. Since we are looking at just over water level, the trees should be a lot bigger, with the trunk area visible where you have their tops.

Funny Horse Riding at Sunset Digital Art

Horse Riding at Sunset Digital Art
Digital Art.

Funny Weary Warrior with a Sword at Sunset

Weary Warrior with a Sword at Sunset
Model: Jazmine Dominique Photographer: Marcus J. Ranum source images The Best View
Member reactions:
Excellent. Love the burning skeleton with the arrow and how you blended all the items. Very cinematic.
Yes, very impressive, Mr. Hidden. The gates are Japanese, right. They always remended the letter Pi for me
Thank you Jeremix. I have seen a lot of fires set lately. Glad you like this one.
Thanks Newsmaster. Yes it's a Japanese Gate. I believe it to be a Hachiman Torii.
Thanks for the source images, shows the work in building this masterpiece.
A master work for sure. Makes me want to just toss my chops into a camp fire.
Mood chop, killer theme full of silence and thrill in the air
Thanks Uncle-C. Lots Of Enjoyable Work. Thanks very much Hits. Thanks, but don't do that Gummy. But if you do, make sure to bring some marshmallows and a stick wit ya. Thanks Eric. Thanks Lu. I'm not sure why your laughing, but that's cool. It's healthy for us to laugh.
congrats Spltski. This chop grew on me. What ya hang in the tree.
Silver congrats, Splat. Love the lighting.
Silver Congrats Splats ... thoughtful and mood provoking in composition, color tone, and execution alike
Silver sword for Splat Samurai. Congrats. Nice new avatar too
Thanks very much Bob. Thanks Jere... a different sort of W.I.P. wouldn't you say. It's a Hanged Bird, Jere. ..I tried the word hung instead of hanged, and it just sounds wrong... Thanks, Paul. Due to MsgtBob's lighting tips. Thanks QTR-Moon. Very Much Appreciated... Thanks, Newsy. It's a caricature of myself. I probably didn't make the forehead big enough.. Thanks, Gumster.
Silver Congrats S.S. great choice of sources, turned into an awesome piece of artwork.
Congrats on the silver SplatShot,You never fail to amaze

Funny Woman at Sunset

Woman at Sunset
I stumbled across a picture of this woman and she kind of captivated me so I thought I would try to jazz her up a bit, she hypnotizes you. See original view and stare into her eyes. SOURCE:
Member reactions:
Thanks for posting the source. You added some magic here, she's truly glowing now
Really like what you did with this. I bet she would like it too. Do you know who she is.

Funny Sunset by the Island

Sunset by the Island
I love sunsets over water. Digital art
Member reactions:
Cool Art. The colors really make this work. Interestingly, a couple of the reflections in the middle seem to be off. Is that purposeful.

Funny Supermoon at Sunset

Supermoon at Sunset
Member reactions:
Impressive view, would make a nice poster. Though the sky looks a bit dramatic and scary

Funny Sandra Bullock on the Beach at Sunset

Sandra Bullock on the Beach at Sunset
Member reactions:
For a chop that was PURRfick and Impressive it sure didn't score very well, would one of you like to explain..
Cant figure it...Maybe just too simplistic. Fantastic work, but it really seems like elegance loses to loud here a lot anymore.
I just hate to have to do stupid goofy all the time just to please over karma voters. Results like this make you want to say adios.
Nice. I like the jumping guy on the yacht, though he might be a bit of a giant\, judging by the yacht's size

Funny Woman Sitting in the Sunset Digital Art

Woman Sitting in the Sunset Digital Art
Digital Art
Member reactions:
I like how you did the face, but why make the arm and elbow so blurry.

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