Glen Frey's Last Tequila Sunrise
Glen Frey's Last Tequila Sunrise
Glen Frey's Last Tequila Sunrise. Thanks for all the great music Glenn, you will be missed.
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Funny Giant Dominos in the Sunrise

Giant Dominos in the Sunrise
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Excellent image nice reflection and the perfect shadow casting
Beautiful great work with the shadows and perspective.

Funny UFO Sunrise

UFO Sunrise
Check out in Full.
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very nice picture. has a very realistic look.
I hear the screen illegal aliens in the airports

Funny Sunrise on Submarine

Sunrise on Submarine

Funny Sunrise on Another World

Sunrise on Another World

Funny Trees at Sunrise

Trees at Sunrise
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Full view is impressive indeed. Photo realistic
Viva.. I see both of my works got the same score; 5.848. This one, and the one below

Funny Egg Sunrise

Egg Sunrise

Funny Dali Sunrise

Dali Sunrise
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very interesting. Dali is 1 of my favorite painters

Funny Sunflower Space Sunrise

Sunflower Space Sunrise
Around sunrise, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of the space bees on their way to gather pollen from the sunflower in order to pollenate all the stars in the night sky.
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Very creative, one of my favorites, good job Bee
Amazing effects, love this one too. ♥

Funny Dali Sunrise Painting

Dali Sunrise Painting
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Sure that's not the sunrise. (eggs being for breakfast time) Very nice.
, I like that better than the original. At the crack of dawn, time stood still
good job. just the black part looks to obvious and it comeout cut.
I freaking love this one...adding to favs.
It's like, how much more black could this be. and the answer is none. None more black.
wohaaa this look fabulous, congrats for the great result on your work.
oooppsss...ya no more black needed. maybe i'm sleepy when i wrote my comment. now i can see the sun.
I think this picture everything so surreal, the blackest puts it in balance as only Dali could. Congrats bubba for hanging in first.
After the dawn, things started getting back to normal.
Absolutely stunning work. Dali would be proud.
Congratulations by the victory Babaloo, its image stayed perfect and a new work of art certainly, a happy combination of paintings. Deserves all the congratulations ... Junka

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