American Sundial Clock
American Sundial Clock
American Sundial Clock. Member reactions:
Most freaking excellent. American history mixed with American symbols.
The clay art is amazing and good work on the shadows casting as well.. Obama looks different in orange color
As a card carrying NDN, I can't wait till your clock comes back around to it's starting point.
Very nice patina work, Doc. Congrats on the silver

Funny The Electronic Sundial Wristwatch

The Electronic Sundial Wristwatch
Member reactions:
I like this watch, its shows both digital and analog time wonderful dial and great design inside
Superb Dial of the watch Excellent job done
Wonderful Engineering work, love this techno gadget
Top photoshop work. Congrats on the bronze, Puro.

Funny Sundial Watch

Sundial Watch
Member reactions:
Looks like the real thing. Great photo realism.
I agree with Tarkus. Very good. Good Luck.
Yes, first i thought it is original one the realised it is a photoshop one. All the best.
Hats off for photo realism here. Looks authentic

Funny St. Peters Square Sundial

St. Peters Square Sundial
Member reactions:
Good work. Seems the front part of the time is just something up to the rest of the portions.

Funny Roman Wristwatch Sundial

Roman Wristwatch Sundial
Feeding time for the lions. sources
Member reactions:
One of the most creative works in the contest. Would make a brilliant poster

Funny Rolex Sundial Watch

Rolex Sundial Watch
Member reactions:
Solid concept and execution. Looks real. I like the golden texture you've given to watch's central part.
great blend, i mean integration. Nice chop
great concept,color blend and fullview is a must.

Funny Sundial Pocket Watch

Sundial Pocket Watch
A pocket watch made with an antique sun dial.
Member reactions:
nice, but i will love to know how it can be closed
The dial folds down. I tried to find a hinge but was unable to figure out what kind to add to it.

Funny Washington Monument Sundial

Washington Monument Sundial
Few visitors to the Washington Monument ever even realize its true nature.

Funny Space Time SunDial

Space Time SunDial
Not very accurate, but that's all NASA can afford....
Member reactions:
Where's the light coming from. Pay attention to the shadow

Funny Barack Obama Sundial

Barack Obama Sundial
2 O'clock

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