Sunday in the Woods
Sunday in the Woods
Sunday in the Woods. Member reactions:
What a surprise. Thanks to all of you for your congrats...AND congrats to you, pcrdds on your silver in the sea gull contest.

Funny JAIL? Hell, Aldon, you're PLAYING Sunday

JAIL? Hell, Aldon, you're PLAYING Sunday

Funny Sunday Brunch with the Pres. & V.P.

Sunday Brunch with the Pres. & V.P.
Paul heads over to Mitt's house for a luxurious Sunday Brunch in Mitt's new back yard.

Funny Old Couple on a Sunday Drive

Old Couple on a Sunday Drive
Sunday drive in their Porshe Turbo.
Member reactions:
Good job putting them behind the windshield. How about some kind of funny license plate.
nice work looks Real love the license plate too Great work
Ha ha, I am falling down to see the funny license plate..., I understood the inner meaning
Hahaha, great license plate. Why the black stripes on the top and the bottom though.

Funny Teddy Bears Out for a Sunday Drive

Teddy Bears Out for a Sunday Drive
Member reactions:
Clever and nicely done . . . great visual feel

Funny Bear Taking a Sunday Drive

Bear Taking a Sunday Drive
Member reactions:
Absolutely adorable African / vintage angle here. Luv it.
Thanks gériatriques,balodiya,rajeshstar,GabiB,NewsMaster
I would love to see that job between the "four tops", very nice job.

Funny Sunday Drive

Sunday Drive
Member reactions:
There have probably been better shops, but this is hilarious.

Funny Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday
Sometime it's nice to be lazy.
Member reactions:
wierd how angry she looks and how peacful the piece still is., reminds me of my gran
GREAT vintage work on the guitarist source and quality integration pree and Sid
You done really well matching the colours & tones in this, could almost be real.

Funny Sunday School

Sunday School
Member reactions:
This is pretty, but IMO, either the other child should have less of his legs covered or our little umbrella girl should have more of hers covered. It sorta looks like she's waling on top of half of the grass.
Thanks dreamer. I guess I can see what you mean. Will fix.
the perspective of the kids in relation to the church and the people seems a bit odd. its like they are on some kinda hill maybe. Maybe u should lower them from the horizon.
I don't see what slix sees...guess I'm accustomed to living in slope areas.
Yeah....I wanted it to appear as if they were making their way down a small hill towards the church. I guess I could have done better. Thanks for the constructive criticism guys. It is always a huge help.

Funny Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday
Rabbit source courtesy of mgoren from Click Here for fuller view. Thanks & Happy Easter, Everyone..
Member reactions:
a peaceful easter. just the bunny looks a bit sharp.
The bunny is so cute. Eggs could be made a bit rounder. Overall a fantastic job.

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