The Sun Sets on Hefner
The Sun Sets on Hefner
The Sun Sets on Hefner. View the large version to see Hugh's face on his little Angel and Devil.

Funny Vincent van Gogh `Two scoundrels under Syrian sun`

Vincent van Gogh `Two scoundrels under Syrian sun`
Member reactions:
Unfortunately did not find your works to take lesson from you and improve my skills.

Funny Happy Easter on 3rd Rock From the Sun

Happy Easter on 3rd Rock From the Sun
was watching on Netflix and it came to me.

Funny Moon Eclipsing the Sun Newspaper

Moon Eclipsing the Sun Newspaper

Funny Turkey Lizard Taking in the Sun

Turkey Lizard Taking in the Sun

Funny Sun Bear Hotel

Sun Bear Hotel

Funny Sun Bears at the Beach

Sun Bears at the Beach
Sun Bears are known to travel south during the winter. (They don't hibernate.) Humans who choose to do the same are called Snowbirds by southern beach locals.
Member reactions:
I would add some "Baywatch like" swimsuit to the bears.
Looks quite real. I like the small details you have like the honey pot.

Funny Obama Helping Vladimir Putin From the Sun Bear Enclosure

Obama Helping Vladimir Putin From the Sun Bear Enclosure
Sorry, These are American bears and they don't care you are tough Russian guy. Russian Parliament Deputy Wants California and Alaska Back
Member reactions:
Nice, but lot of things useless to the story.

Funny Sun Bears Going Shopping

Sun Bears Going Shopping
Member reactions:
I love the concept but I'd decrease the overall contrast and increase brightness - quite a few areas now are so dark they are almost solid black. The outfits and "the bear shop" are awesome.
Thanks NewsMaster Start concentrating on an area and loose sight of everything else.
If I am not mistaken you edited it, Hidden, because the contrast is not as high now, cool
Yes NM I edited it replaced the bears and a few things, shadows changed...Thanks for the great comments everyone.

Funny House of the Rising Sun Digital Art

House of the Rising Sun Digital Art
It was the first song I heard from an English rock band in the early 60's and never left my brain, a tribute to Eric Burdon and the Animals.
Member reactions:
Okay-now yer' getting it. Take more drugs...
Wild world you have built here. Me likey.

Funny Supermoon Eclipse of the Sun

Supermoon Eclipse of the Sun
This Friday millions of people across the globe will be able to see the total solar eclipse. What makes this eclipse special is that the moon will be at its closest distance to Earth, known as supermoon. It's also the first solar eclipse since in this century that falls on the same day as the start of spring, known as the vernal equinox. Ancient Chinese believed total eclipse happened when a giant dragon ate the sun. They performed the special rituals to chase the dragon and make him release the Sun. Ancient Vikings legend says the two chasing wolves, Skoll and Hati, were to blame for making the sun disappear from the sky. Photoshop solar eclipse any way you wish. Some examples are: Show how companies can use solar eclipse for commercial purposes - advertising their brands and products, show how politicians / political parties may use solar eclipse to increase their ratings. Feel free to create advertisements / billboards / magazine covers for the above. Solar eclipse in movies, paintings, and album covers, etc. Either partial or total solar eclipses are acceptable in the entries.

Funny Sun Bears

Sun Bears
Today's stock photo features very rare species - sun bears - found in tropical forests of Southeast Asia. They got their name for distinct "sunny spots" (on the muzzle and chest area) on their otherwise dark bodies. Sometimes they are also called "honey bears" for their love of honeycombs and honey. Sun bears are the smallest of all bear kinds, reaching only 47- 59 in (120 - 150 cm), and have a very long tongue which allows them to eat ants and beetle larvae. Photoshop this photo of sun bears any way you wish.

Funny Artificial Sun?

Artificial Sun?
OK, we all know the moon is made of cheese, but what is an artificial sun made of? Imagine that the "natural sun" went on vacation, and you need to save the world by constructing an artificial sun. Will you use any of the household items / products / materials of huge sizes to be the new sun, or any new technology? You are the creator today. Your entries can show the sun as seen from space or from earth. You are welcome to include surroundings (e.g, beach or city view) in your entries if you show snapshots "from earth".

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