Zac Efron!s Summertime Slump
Zac Efron!s Summertime Slump
Zac Efron!s Summertime Slump. Member reactions:
Like the new concept and the food all around is very compelling to eat
Congratulations on putting a taste of Gold and a new best friend on your trophy shelf, Deb. And also another congrats for the Picture of the Day honors. Great Job
Congratulations on your fist Gold Trophy, Debbie... Minus the smokes his diet looks a lot like mine (: Quality Work. Keep em coming.
Congrats andwhat 😎👍🏼
I feel the gold rush.Ive been trying for a gold since I joined in 2009.I was the Susan Lucci of FN I owe it to Hitspinner for inspiring me with his freaky,beautiful,bold and bright colored chops.I used to look at him in awe of his out of this world chops.When I started out I was bad,and I mean really bad I am so happy with my gold,because you really need see my early work,not pretty I so happy to finally taste gold.It comes bittersweet in knowing I won,in part because so many of my heros are not chopping here anymore.I hope Hitspinner is ok,he has disappeared and I'm worried.Anyways thank you all for being so gracious to me over the years.I thank you all,for the all the advice you all have given to me.(HoHouse ).SplatShot ,UncleChamp,Hitspinner,All of you for inspiring me to always stay gracious and never give up.If I can get this gold cup,all of you nubile young things will be there,just never stop and keep trying harder.My mom in heaven feeling now feeling the dust of gold.My mom was always my cheerleader,I lost her in 2010,she would be so proud of me.FN saved my life after I lost my mom.I think it literally did.It gave me something to live for and strive for.I was in meltdown mode when I thought FN was over.It was like mourning a new death.Thank you FreakMasyer for saving this site.I want to say thank you so much to Vlad,NewsMaster was a genius with this site .I will always thank NewsMaster for all the kind comments and helpful tips.Thank You Vlad Hobbit,you and I are.some of the only female choppers on here.I miss you Crafry One ❤️.Pree is the ultimate female chopper on here.I have always strived to one day get as good as her.Im not there yet,but I will keep trying.Thank you rajeshstar,,Ho,hobbit,Unclechamp,Wanderers,Bob,vicspa,SS and Pshave

Funny Woman in Summertime by a River

Woman in Summertime by a River
Member reactions:
Feather her hair a little bit. After you do, I'd challenge anyone to prove she wasn't in the pic all along. It's not a style I like personally, but you did a really good job with the lighting. Just one small fix and you're golden.
I have feathered the hair, even painted some straws of hair with my tablet, it's just too small to be seen on this. And since it can't be more than 350kb or so, it can't get much bigger. Thanks.
It's the tone, then...something. You can tell it's a cut and paste job at the head and nowhere else. I think it needs to be hue'd yellow. Or not...whatever.
I know what you mean by file size, loose a lot. Sometimes what I do, if it matters, is clone a small strip along the edge of the subject of the background, then reduce opacity to as little as 15% and it helps tie the two layers together.
She looks beautiful now... the lighting focus on her from the top and sideways were well balanced good chop and nice view of Forest behind good one

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