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Funny Suits Pictures

The Emperor s New SuitFunny The Emperor s New Suit
Member reactions:

More botox injection in his face and he'll be perfect.
Nice. Wanderer. More Botox for Putox.
Craziness on the idea with historical costume may be he think of himself in that avatar and though willing to take over countries near him. Well Awesome flawless crisp chop in HD quality
Looks perfect for this costume and that too after taking over Ukraine
Good job done, I would increase the light in his face
clean work,congrats on the silver , evirio

The King's New SuitFunny The King's New Suit
Member reactions:

Dang,, I was going for Historically Hilarious. I got it backwards again. "Missed It By That Much".
This really should have scored higher. Maybe they missed the girl.
It would have scored better if I hadn't forgot the drunk wombat. Thanks everyone.
Gummy, Wanted you to know, for what its worth, this was in my humble opinion the best entry. Should have won gold. My favorite. Excellent job. ; )

Laurence Fishburne in His Birthday SuitFunny Laurence Fishburne in His Birthday Suit
Member reactions:
Please view full
Thanks all, its been a long time since I've been in a contest so I wanted to see if I could still chop

Degas Ballerina in Steampunk Space SuitFunny Degas Ballerina in Steampunk Space Suit
Member reactions:

Well that's just exceptional. Thanks for sharing.
oldman do you mean the glow on her chest. i should reduce it.
Nice work again.
yes, your job is perfect, the one who took the pic in the museum wasn't so good
ok oldman i tried to fix it as best i can,, and you like that hypnotized girl. heavy drooling . *by the way her face is a dudes
Any port in a storm........and it's been raining here for some time now.-
This is nice, love the face on the girl
I saw this very statue at the museum with my own eyes, and I tell ya - you gave it a second modern life. Love the new outfit and the lights on it. the woman sitting nearby - she must think she's being abducted.
the best, and funny... is absolutely the best work of this contest ... i really like a lot ... you're a good designer... winner...
My answer to the concept is that this is one of the first exploratory NeanderBots from another planet. Equipped with Light-Ray arms that serve to protect from harm and/or collect data according to its, functionally-oriented, tasks of the day. The Green Ray is Numbing Ray applied for the purpose of personality data collection that would determine its Threat level and expected defense posture, henceforth. Well...that's just my opinion. Outstanding and a unique chop-Good Luck.
Gold congrats, Miss Pree. Super duper job.
Super job owe me.-
i do owe .. you... oldman..,,ill set you up with that sexy chic
The technician who installed the pedestal had a bad day, but the decorater who dressed the statue made an awesome job - impressive. Congrats on gold, man
Absolutely great .... Bravo on the Gold .
Congrats Preemie and great job putting a new spin on an old Degas sculpture.

Milla Jovovich In a Jackie Kennedy SuitFunny Milla Jovovich In a Jackie Kennedy Suit
Member reactions:

Milla In a Jackie Kennedy suit..
This Picture is my winner. the winning ones are usually more flashy. But i like this one. It's chopped so well together.
The blending deserves admiration. Perfect choice of sources too

Starbucks Swim Suit PaintingFunny Starbucks Swim Suit Painting
Member reactions:

Sweet work. Love the beans and the neanderthal dude in the background - he's probably thinkin' "who let the beans out of the jar."
Good one....... Excellent manipulation of the logo

Barack Obama and David Cameron in Banana SuitsFunny Barack Obama and David Cameron in Banana Suits
Member reactions:

OOOOO sooooooooo funny Nice job rolling on the floor with laughter
Freaking hilarious. Still laughing, I love it.
thanks everyone for your comments
What twisted recesses of your noggin did you tap to come up with this one. Inspired work, my man.
Congrats on the gold Jay... love the way yr mind works..

Monkey in a Monkey SuitFunny Monkey in a Monkey Suit
Member reactions:

This monkey has hit it big and he's enjoying all of the benefits money can buy. Fine Scotch, Caviar, expensive jewelry and more. Here's a little animation that shows his humble beginnings.... ANIMATION Click on the image to start the animation.
great chop , thanks for animation it's really cool
Big ten for this one, love it............
Would have been even better if, the hands were monkey hands.
I left the hands on purpose because I like the way they look--plus the whole point was to humanize the little booger. Monkeys don't drink scotch or smoke cigars--or have baby human hands--except at FN--if we want them to. And that's what I love about this place. You can create new realities here. If you like someone's vision, you can vote them a high score. And if you don't, you can vote low.
I heard the bell 'DING' after I voted. Truly fine work.
Congrats on the silver LunaC, great chop and love the animated source
Congrats LunaC Close race, well done. Liked the animation too.
Grats on the silver, the animation is a visual delight
Nice work. Great integration and lighting. Congrats.

White Rose Suit of ArmourFunny White Rose Suit of Armour
Member reactions:

A Stunning detour from the usual male-oriented Bot design-laying waste to the countryside. High marks.
uh huh.............excellent as always. and thanks for your input X-man.
congrats on the gold Xaos54, great chop.
Thanks all. appreciate your comments and votes
Congrats on the gold, Chaos. Impressive art.

Snowman in a SuitFunny Snowman in a Suit
Member reactions:

1 click and full view.
It's a great piece, no doubt about it, but that effect isn't really doing it for me anymore. I quess it's my personal taste, but the more i see it being used, the more it looks cheap to me. Like the many instand effects that noone really uses. Pictures all tent to look the same with that effect, Mind you, i still don't know how to do it, ha, but i much rather see some realism or handpainted chops. This looks just to ..i Maybe just use it for certain parts, like hair, but it becomes easily to much, it's to present. it dominates the whole chop. Sorry if i sound all negative. I can never keep my mouth shut They haven't come up with a pill for my madness yet.
well i have been looking at it some more and i think i have figured it out. All the parts where it is suttle, like the top of the clouds and the top of the big window and the sunglasses. those parts work really well i think. Its the bigger parts, the trees and mountains in the background for example, where there is the repetition of the wavy patterns ...those are the parts i don't like, because it has that prefab fx feel. But it's a great chop and i love that purple color and the castle and most of all the sunglasses. now i will shut up
No, no, say it with confidence. I'm glad you noticed the mistakes and try to fix. Thank you very much for comments...
oh ok, i'm glad you didn't mind to much. I always feel quilty when i start telling people what i don't like and think afterwards i should have kept my big mouth shut.
Great work, but it'd be even greater if bigger part of the original snowman was used. Here it looks like just any snowman could be that small piece of white snow on the image. If you used a bucket from the source instead of a hat, that would be great. Still a great chop on its own, however.
I gave it high points even though I couldn't find source. Good work should be recognized and yeah, directions should be followed even if you are the type of guy that throws the GPS away because your internal GPS serves you just fine. The ladies will laugh at that You did a great job, just missed the turn where it said, "This Snowman"
Newsy: I used the snowman's head, but you always look great ideas. The bucket hat in place of the East have done. " Next time I try to listen to the minor details. Thank you for your opinion and comments. Hitspinner: Thank you my dear friend. Thank you for your score and also the recognition. Unfortunately I could not see so many people like you, but never mind, still evolving and will form makes me better at work, hopefully. Thank you also to the opinion
Nice work, very creative,... I like your sense of adventure..
Very niiice amadeus, like the colors in this.

Tyvek SuitsFunny Tyvek Suits - Photoshop the photo of the people in Tyvek protective wear in a desert any way you wish. Some examples are: place the people in some dangerous environment, use this Tyvek suits image in posters and paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. This is an Apprentice Contest. You are eligible to enter this contest if you have less than 5 golden trophies at Freaking News. You have 7 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Jarekt for providing the source photo.

Space SuitsFunny Space Suits - NASA has designed new space suits to be used by astronauts on the moon mission. New suits are both low-maintenance and high-tech - astronauts can go on without taking bathroom breaks when they get high. In this contest you are asked to show how the new space suits designed by NASA, any other organization, company, or person. Feel free to give them special brand and change spacesuit dimensions (for fat people, short and even for animals).

Playng Card SuitsFunny Playng Card Suits - In this contest we are going to create images changing the shape of any common item to any suit of a deck of cards (hearts, clubs, diamonds or spades) as in the theme post. Choose the image of your choice and create an image with the items shape changed to any suit of a deck of cards as in the theme post.

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