Blood Sucking Lori
Blood Sucking Lori
Blood Sucking Lori. Blood Sucking Lori leftovers

Funny Socialism sucks

Socialism sucks
Member reactions:
Virtually nothing, I just helped her undress and reach the couch.
Virtually nothing, I just helped her undress and reach the couch.
Thank, you. I belive she can do even better.
Deserved silver,
Congrats Wanderer nice job.
Excellent as always Wanderer. I'm particularly impressed with how you maxed out the frame with the pose.
Thank you, gentlemen. CONTINUE learning from all of you.

Funny Obama Leach Sucking on Uncle Sam

Obama Leach Sucking on Uncle Sam
Political Satire
Member reactions:
Love this. The image creates quite a mood. Not sure if it makes me want to laugh or cry
Super Choppage, Hidden. Freaky Image. Scary Message. Damn Blood $ucking Tick. Uncle Sam's Knees are buckling. Where's that weird looking snake at.
This is excellent,love the Obama sucking engorged tick.Great composition,love the work you did on Uncle Sam's face with the veins and all.Totally agree with you on the parasitic Obama sucking the life out of this country 😜
I guess it was my turn to say it.. Many thanks my friends
I know it says do not critique, but since everybody is anyway, my 2cents: It's a masterpiece.. Awesome illustration of Obama's hate for the U.S. ..
Thank you champ. I keep looking out the window for drones
very good chop and Obama as a tumor attached to him is really freaky idea good one
Creepy but superbly done and brilliant satire..
IMO...Congrats On the Gold Hit-man. Freak'n Good Job. I'm still looking for that weird floating snake.
Gold congrats, Tim. Probably your best one ever. Fantastico.
Yeeeeaaaah, Doc this one scored way up there on that "Oh -O-meter . I am all pleased and will remain that way until the friggin drone strike. Thank you all for the great votes and I SS, I put the funny snake in my grumpy neighbor's mailbox
I salute your Gold Winner, and the magnificent work you did of paying homage to U.S.... One of your Greatest Hits.
Obama for some reason reminds me of the Flood on Halo. nice job.
Congrats on the Gold (even if it did take the truth to score so high).
You really Hitspinned this one right out of the ballpark.😂I knew this was yours Hit.A product of the chop Master again.I really loved this one Hit,congrats on the gold
Love this chop, Obama really is a blood sucking tick, another top of the line chop, always enjoy your work, this is my first week not working any longer, I'll have more time to work on chops.
thanks Champ, SS, Bob, DD Andwhat and Hobbit. Retirement Hobbit.
Your very welcome HitMan, absolutely love it. And Splat, I did an Obama snake in Freak Show 11/4/12 "Struggle for America" Didn't do to well though, 14/21
Here you go champ. Snake I found it. You did this a bit before I returned to FN. Cool, similar theme TY Armatien
Congrats on the gold, Hitman. Impressive piece.
Congratulations. Like a blood-sucking Tick...perfect.

Funny Kanye West Says Love Sucks with Kim

Kanye West Says Love Sucks with Kim
Member reactions:
Electrifying kiss. Hope his eye doesn't pop out. Merry Christmas to you, nicely done
Awesome to see you again, Slixta. Creative chop.

Funny Skaters Sucked into the Engine of a Plane

Skaters Sucked into the Engine of a Plane
best view
Member reactions:
What's this paper bag from. At the first glance I thought it was the woman's undies that she lost to suction already.
thanks Newsy. The paper bag is just something i inserted to give some extra sense of motion.
Yup-it happens in real-life. 'Don't get Sucked-In' is a UNITED Airlines A&P Mechanics "must watch" film.

Funny Mother Sucking a Pacifier Holding Her Daughter

Mother Sucking a Pacifier Holding Her Daughter
Member reactions:
The face of Mother is much pretty then the Baby and baby is too smart
Thank you Eric, hope nobody don't mind I change the baby face sorry for the late edit.
Nice work Sunshine I like the "binky" in the mouth

Funny If at First You Don't Suck Seed

If at First You Don't Suck Seed
If at first you don't suck seed, try, try again.
Member reactions:
I was sort of wondering if anyone would get it. The glass is full of seeds.
If at first you don't suck seed, Dont take up sky diving
suck seed nice work with the seed juice haha
Unfortunately I feel the voting on this site is rigged. I think people get others they know to come on here and register and vote. I see way too many losers that are better than those that are ranked higher. A shame.

Funny Twilight - Vampires Suck

Twilight - Vampires Suck
Vampires Suck,' a parody that works
Member reactions:
Love the art but honestly haven't seen any of those vampire films and don't think I'll see this one though the review is positive. Hulk and Xmen is more my speed
hahaha, deserved a place for sure...awesome chop...
thank everyone you're really sweet...i'm happy for the silver
Great parody on the parody movie, . It's time we mock this teen-frenzy about the Twilight saga. Congrats on your first advanced trophy, iboudesign.

Funny Little Girls Toys Being Sucked Into Portal

Little Girls Toys Being Sucked Into Portal
Keep Looking The Floor..The Portal Wants to Take You to The Other Side.
Member reactions:
Freaky, clever, clean ... you have discovered the magic formula for creating the killer chops. I love the combination of fairy-tailishness with horror here.
Love the lighting fx, one of my favs, congrats.
Yepper, agree with NM. Nice overall grabber chop. Makes you want to look closer. Well done
Congrats on the bronze DMC. The portal salutes you.
that was great work DMC , keep up the great works , congrats on the silver

Funny Barack Obama Vacuum Transformer Sucking Oil

Barack Obama Vacuum Transformer Sucking Oil
View Sources
Member reactions:
Perfect rendition of a disaster sucking up America's foundation.
Hahaha, fantastic concept and execution. and the prez better not smoke when he deals with oil, otherwise he's on fiiiiiirrre.
.. That is an awesome chop. I'm adding it to my favorites. Perfect 10 from me.
Congrats on the gold KeepItReal, awesome chop.
amazing chop and imagination, this had the winning stamp of approval from the second it was born, gratz
Thank you all very much for the comments and votes. I was a bit apprehensive about the title. I was going to call it "The Dysan Solution" but I have a more creative titler living with me and I lost that contest
Congrats on the gold, KIR. Another gold trophy, just after your 50th Birthday.
Thanks again. Newsy, it's 27
I just joined this site and man there is SO much EXCELLENT talent on this site. This is a PRIME example of some the great talent here. I have learned so much in just looking at some of this superb art work

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