Funny Larry King Successor

Larry King Successor
After a great deal of back-room arrangements CNN confirmed that "America's Got Talent" judge, Piers Morgan will replace Larry King early next year. However, not everyone agrees with the CNN's pick for next "Mr. Suspenders", including Larry. In the interview to CBS News, Larry King said "I have no say in my successor, but hire Ryan Seacrest!" But who can ever really replace King? The Brooklyn-born Larry Zeiger rose to prominence as a Miami disc jockey, national radio host and talk, and went from zero to hero, with his stooped shoulders, owlish eyeglasses and trademark suspenders. When King signs off, the show will never be the same... In this contest we are going to help possible (and impossible) Larry King successors partially look like Larry King. Take the right (or left) VERTICAL HALF of Larry King's face and merge it with the left (or right) vertical half from another celebrity or politician who you think could be a good (or bad) pick for Larry King's successor. We did similar 50/50 vertical face merge in our Partial Face Transplants contest, but this time, one of the celebrities HAS to be Larry King. In your titles or comments please mention the name of celebrity (or politician) you are merging with King.

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