Submerged Lotus
Submerged Lotus
Submerged Lotus. Another photo I took. SOURCE:
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Cool Work, Hidden. Left rear tire has a leak. A can of Fix-a-Flat may be in order.(:
Thanks Spat, not a whole lot you can do lookin straight down except fool with the ground it sits on. I first just had it in the sand, boring. I also didn't want to create tread lines for the sand tracks. Lazy. Put it under water and I can leave the tracks washed out, cheat.
Congrats, DD. I knew this was your's. I guess the past tense of "spit" is spat. Lol....I've been called worse.
Thanks everyone. Sorry Splat, Iím an idiot.
No...No problem. I think it's funny. I love to play 4 wall racquetball. That's where I took my name from. Splat Shot is the term for the coolest racquetball shot in the sport. (:
See, now the username makes sense. I go by baddog, that was taken here, couldnít think of anything else but deaddog. I might as well have gone by buttwipe. 😂

Funny Submerged Eiffel Tower

Submerged Eiffel Tower
Everyone wants to vacay in Hawaii.
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I like the half in half out of water effect here. There's only two spots that could use improvement, in the middle the white foam has straight edges. Easily fixed by erasing with a soft brush. I like having the brown at the bottom, but it just seems off.

Funny Submerged Car in the Ocean

Submerged Car in the Ocean
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Yeah, freaking awesome. The bubbles coming out of the car is a nice touch
Picturesque work, would make a great poster.
Congratulations DD. luv this underwater chop.

Funny Submerged Taj Mahal

Submerged Taj Mahal
Even submerged, Taj Mahal is a Wonder. Sources
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Awesome.... great piece of artistic imagination seen her It looks like an advent of Apocalypse and the remains of Taj inside water
Fantastic Scene Ariel9 Congratulations..
Wonderful work Ariel9.. Congrats on the Silver..
Congratulations on the Silver Ariel9. ; )
Silver Congrats Ariel9, agree with Newsy, the amount of work is remarkable. Masterpiece.
Congrads on the cup, moving on up to the big time.

Funny Whale Swimming Past a Submerged Church

Whale Swimming Past a Submerged Church
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This has certain mistery feel to it - what secret these dark waters hold.

Funny Submerged House Under a Rainbow

Submerged House Under a Rainbow
making of
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Source animation shows how much work into this entry, but I wish you could show some underwater construction too.
---I love the "Making Of" animation. Could you do a tutorial on how you created the animation.
i also love the animated gif...tutorial please.. as for the image, why the graffitti. and rainbow.
I love the making of, make a tutorial please However whats with the graffitti and the rainbow. and maybe a bit more of the house underwater would have been nice
as others I think that the tut it's amazing, but your entry are not underwater. Obiouslly you did a fantastic job.

Funny Greyhound Ship in Submerged City

Greyhound Ship in Submerged City
When the streets get rough, we'll get you there.

Funny Submerged Tourist

Submerged Tourist
It was a hot day and his wool hat was bleeding.
Member reactions:
The sinking boot and a rucksack is a nice touch.

Funny Submerged Car

Submerged Car
Member reactions:
Pretty cool, but the car'd better cast some shadows into the sea bottom, in order to really feel there

Funny Rising Oceans Submerge the Maldives

Rising Oceans Submerge the Maldives
The island nation is the first to be entirely submerged due to melting ice caps resulting from global warming.
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nice idea. try to blend the head using hue/saturation or reduce the lightness to match the rest of the image. good work.

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