Stylized Vespa ET3 Primavera
Stylized Vespa ET3 Primavera
Stylized Vespa ET3 Primavera. Member reactions:
I've only recently began to dabble in HDR and add-on filters for Photoshop. Thought this was one of the better ones so I put it up.
The Italian who imported Vespas to the U.S. is, still, alive. Nice rendition.

Funny Stylized Stevie Nicks Portrait

Stylized Stevie Nicks Portrait
source photo
Member reactions:
Stylized or extreme makeover. Try lightening the inner nose key line and shadowing a tad. Hair and eyes look cool.
looks much better ... i'll give you an extra point for that
good work AZ, but I prefer Tango in the night, (the moon with the sun cresting over it is really cool and the water effects are incredible). cheers
Thanks all for the compliments. Funkwood, I like my first one, Edge of Seventeen, the best. Guess that's when I first heard Stevie and the white dove is part of the lyrics. Fixed the eyes too
I think this was my favorite of all the entries. I appreciate and enjoy the artsy style Rain. Congrats on a beautiul image.
Thanks Deb, been awhile since I attempted to brush a whole image.
How have I missed this contest OMGawd WoW.

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