Bored Stupid
Bored Stupid
Bored Stupid. Click Here For The source pic

Funny Nick Fury: Stupid Spy

Nick Fury: Stupid Spy

Funny The Stupid Leading the Blind

The Stupid Leading the Blind

Funny Age of stupid

Age of stupid

Funny Paul McCartney and John Lennon in Stupid T-Shirts

Paul McCartney and John Lennon in Stupid T-Shirts
Member reactions:
Love your taste in great music. Great Job.

Funny Stupid Modern Nursery Workers

Stupid Modern Nursery Workers
Every nursery worker will have to have basic Maths and English qualification
Member reactions:
Awesome. Very Funny Liked all the text on the board
Crazy facial expressions Teachers will become Kids again
Now this is true. Even my niece in nursery complaint about her teacher who write my niece's name wrong in Mark-sheet This is crazy

Funny Clint Eastwood Questioning Stupid Barack Obama

Clint Eastwood Questioning Stupid Barack Obama
Member reactions:
*~~* Looks like some of Obama's Voodoo economics on the chalkboard there.
Yea... he needs to answer all becoze it will help him getting too many votes well done like the facial expression of him
, your average vote for all the other entries in this contest was 1.939 Guess you must be happy everyone voted properly for your entry
Excellent, but I would write prez instead of pres

Funny Stupid & Stupider

Stupid & Stupider
Member reactions:
coulda used the actual harry and lloyd instead of those hacks they put in the prequel..

Funny Stupid Game Show

Stupid Game Show
All three contestants are in a dead heat currently. We will have to wait and see who opens their mouth first to see who the winner will be...

Funny bin stupid

bin stupid
Not for sale to anyone with an IQ above 0.35... Only available to family, friends and followers of the author Please view big.

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