Motorbike Stunt
Motorbike Stunt
Motorbike Stunt.

Funny Orangutan Stunt on a Motorbike

Orangutan Stunt on a Motorbike
One handed seat grab, I think
Member reactions:
Feels like a real photo. You cheated and took a picture of your trained monkey with a bike, hahahaa. Great chop.

Funny Stunted Angelina Jolie

Stunted Angelina Jolie
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Member reactions:
Great caricature and nice lighting fx. congrats.
Splendidly done. Love the long braids here, .

Funny Japanese Stunt Bike Rider

Japanese Stunt Bike Rider
Member reactions:
that would hurt on the landing.. the pedals have spikeys on them.
Clever idea, and indeed, it looks authentic. The bike is a tad small, but like some circus bikes they are made small

Funny Wheel Stunt

Wheel Stunt
Truckers Save Thousands Using the Patented Diesel Fuel Saver
Member reactions:
Gotta get around the high fuel costs somehow

Funny Surfing Stunt

Surfing Stunt

Funny Stunted Rihanna

Stunted Rihanna
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Member reactions:
I hope one day it becomes true and she poses at FN podium Quality work here, liltim.
it can be happen in real life newsy, with your short legs too. (just kidding)...good job Liltim.

Funny Monkey Biker Stunt

Monkey Biker Stunt
Member reactions:
Would it look even better with the arms the same colour as the face.
Brucey bonus for the edit

Funny Man Riding a Stunt Motorcycle with Springs

Man Riding a Stunt Motorcycle with Springs
Member reactions:
One of my favorites in this contest, and certainly different from the rest, This entry stands out in many regards.

Funny Stunt Man on a Motorcycle in the Clouds

Stunt Man on a Motorcycle in the Clouds
please view full. this is the source

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