Sheriff Gives Student an Attitude Adjustment
Sheriff Gives Student an Attitude Adjustment
Sheriff Gives Student an Attitude Adjustment. Insolent student gets a reality and attitude adjustment Attitude Adjustment
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Decent work. I would remove the black line at the bottom, unless you meant it on purpose
Thanks Gummy and Vlad. Black line is a resizing artifact I missed. by the way, I am working on a little $3.00 thrift store monitor as the Dell committed suicide. So, it is taking a little adjusting back to a square screen
Love it, fantastic, congrats on the win.

Funny Student Pilot Crashes Into Billboard

Student Pilot Crashes Into Billboard
Yes, you too can fly.
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Congrats on the gold, Bob. 3 more golds and we throw a graduation party.

Funny Students with Huge Samsung Phones

Students with Huge Samsung Phones
'Mega' Phone Is Huge, With Limited Appeal
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Samsung is planning to replace School Bags, Hotel Food Menus and Paper Challans for future.... Everything goes digital Like your concept of putting the Samsung Phones behind them well done
Replacement of Hardcopy materials, its good idea and will same paper so the tree..
Excellent. Samsung does make freaking huge phones - I wanted to buy a Samsung after I've read the reviews but then I saw how big it was. Congrats on the wood, GRM.

Funny Early Archeology Students

Early Archeology Students

Funny Dangerous Students Removed From Flight

Dangerous Students Removed From Flight
Students removed from a US Airways flight and rescreened because of perceived security threat.
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I wonder what tipped them off. Nice job.
They just look like an average bunch of Canadians to me...
D-Man...YES, they ARE Canadians.
Thanks, dd. thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, ericnorthend.
Sweet and where can I buy those Iranian goggles.
Thanks, Newsy. I'll have Mahmoud give you a call.

Funny Strange Surfing Students at the Beach

Strange Surfing Students at the Beach

Funny Chinese Exchange Student with Barack Obama

Chinese Exchange Student with Barack Obama
Member reactions:
OK-I need Oxygen now or I will die laughing. Great humor & detail.
Lol, Michelle seems to be very jealous. Funny work
Hahaha, just look at the Michelle's face. Nice setting with the Chinese statuettes and the Chinese takeaway.
Thanks, geriatric...thanks, Disasterman...thanks, Sunshin3...thanks, diamonds...thanks, rajeshstar...and thanks, Newsy.
Thanks, oo0cns0oo. Thanks, robinbobin. Thanks, dd.
Bronze Chinese statuette for Paul. As a bonus you get a free trip to China as part of the Obama's exchange program.
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Newsy. I'll take that trip. When will the tickets come.
Congrats on the silver Paul, funny chop The face expression of Michelle tells everything.
Congrats on the Silver (and for letting the world know another truth about that jerk - ha). Whart's with these liberal first wives, never knowing what their husbands are up to (haha).

Funny Student of Death

Student of Death
Member reactions:
It's even more superb on a second look, Hidden. Ya done good.
Thanks. I did some sharpening and touching up, that really seemed to make a difference.
to vote a ten or not to vote a ten, that's the question...
A Masterpiece. I like the sound of that. Thanks for the comments and the unusual high score guys. Much appreciated. Jere is very pleased.
congrats on the first place, you earned it.
Congrats jere, well done and very inspiring work. I knew it was gonna be an uphill battle when I saw this entry.
Fantastic work brother .. really awesome details here ... congrats on the gold JERE I guess FW wanna kill you keep going
I'm gonna put my life on hold and just chop, until i too earned the teacher title.
FW got way more class than that, can't win em all & even he recognises quality & Jerr u could teach me a few things in PS dontcha worry about that
WTF are my earlier comments.. I get so frigging ticked off at that. I think I must forget to click "Send" or some fubar .#$%$1111 Great chop Jere, Nice gold cup Just send Kratos a link to some free PS plugins and a couple of Grants and I bet he will call you anything you want
Don't you be sending Kratos more plug-ins you hear. He already threatened to beat my ass in the next contest and the last thing i need is him armed with more fx's.
( Just send Kratos a link to some free PS plugins and a couple of Grants and I bet he will call you anything you want ) hey hitman , I didn't really got ANYTHINGS from funkwood just some nice advices ... i just calling him teacher coz I like his way in photoshop and since I joined into this site I was Nothing .. but when i see the skills of azrainman and funkwood also your hitman I liked to call them teacher as respect not really teacher , if you wanna say that then it's better AZrainman to be my only teacher

Funny Student Dropping from School Bus Plane

Student  Dropping from School Bus Plane
Jet Bus company moves into the school market.
Member reactions:
Well, both were handled at the same time and placed in the same perpendicular plane, but I see where you are coming from. Thanks for the comment.
Congrats Doxie Needs some dachsunds on the pant legs...hehe.
Another brilliant idea and totally cracks me up. Sweet on Doxi and I see you got a woody.... That mantle is starting to load up.
doxi that was truly Fantastic work my friend , congrats on the woody and keep up great works

Funny Obama Addresses Students

Obama Addresses Students
Obama Addresses Students
Member reactions:
I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but my 13 y/o niece told me that Obama crushed her dreams. I think the problem with Obama doing this as compared to Reagan or Bush doing it is that everyone is tired of seeing Obama on TV. Even real celebrities take a break from press junkets to actually go and film movies. When is Obama running our country if he is on TV every day. Also people do have a right to choose what kind of politics their children hear and see. Politics should be taught at home. That's why we have History class in schools. They will all eventually grow up and become Republicans anyway. I do need to go watch that clip though.
Jerry did you actually see or read the speech... it had nothing to do with politics it was a glorified stay in school speech to the poorer children not to give up. Your niece's dream must have been to play Xbox all day cuz that was the only thing he said that they should not spend all there time with. But i do oppose this idea i spent 75 percent of my childhood at home in front of the TV and i turned out TV..
No, I am going to try and watch it tonight though. She quoted him as saying something about not dreaming of being a superstar or a celebrity or something to that sort. She actually just sits around texting most of the time, her little brother is the XBox freak. And society needs transvestites, they know how to party. Or do you mean some other "TV". j/k But I have been putting off watching it because I am suffering from Obama overload, "O"verload. I can watch X-Files or Spaced or Monty Python over and over, but Obama keeps doing the same episode.
Great satire. My fav sign here is "Stop being so positive."

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