Rubio Strong Showing
Rubio Strong Showing
Rubio Strong Showing. Rubio wins GOP debate.
Member reactions:
Great caricature... good work on the smoke effects and the big cigar well done
Thank you Andrew, Bob, Gummy, Steve, Rajesh, eric, Balodiya, and Newsey

Funny Strong family

Strong family
Hillary Clinton gives mother's tough upbringing the lead role in first TV ads

Funny Hollande: `Angela, we lost him! Sanctions were too strong`.

Hollande: `Angela, we lost him! Sanctions were too strong`.
Hollande: "Angela, we lost him, but Russian always has the same backup ready."
Member reactions:
What does this have to do with the news story.
Russia's economic squeeze keeps getting tighter and tighter.
Bronze congrats, Andrew. The backups are a nice touch

Funny Strong Man Lifting Little Barack Obama

Strong Man Lifting Little Barack Obama

Funny Strong Beer

Strong Beer

Funny Strong Quake hits Japan

Strong Quake hits Japan
quake hits japan

Funny Strong Man Stopping Train

Strong Man Stopping Train
full view please sources
Member reactions:
Great work putting all the sources in this harmonious composition.
Freaking mind blowing... Great use of sources and finding them too.
Thanks guys = --> Ah yes Funk, hunting for sources is always fun =p
gre8 work ... I think it's music of stop the train .. right .
Great chop, but why is the train driving on two separate tracks.
jtotheotothee - I guess i wasn't really going for "reggae" style or anything. I was just trying to make a literal depiction with the song title only. And about the yellow smoke it was supposed to translate into a sort of "glow" from the fireball. I do appreciate the input.. P.S. Oh you know RealMeert it's one of those new uber large trains that need double the track support. =p
Silver train for Matt. You stopped and caught it. Congratulations.
I was sure it's Hitspinner who made it .. Congrats on your silver , great work MatthewLynn
congrats on the silver. Very compelling and dynamic image.
That's COOL. I was sort of expecting that to be Superman, with his back to us, though...

Funny Strong Kid

Strong Kid

Funny Strong Soccer Kick

Strong Soccer Kick
Member reactions:
Great job, I'd try to add some more dept to the hole in the body..
so that's how polo shirts got invented. i like this one a lot. do you have polo mints in the states.

Funny Strong Winds on Golf Course

Strong Winds  on Golf Course
Strong Winds Can't Knock Memorial Golf Leaders Down
Member reactions:
very nice background image, just the added golfers looks a bit off. the flag should follow the strong winds direction. still have much time to re-edit. i think.
Must be a golfer did this chop. Only a true linksman would understand that there is no better way to test your ball control than in a hurricane, Bwhahahahaahaha this is priceless.
i see now your revision. good work. thanks.

Funny Strong Children

Strong Children
This is a themed contest. Do NOT edit the theme post. We are going to make children powerful and strong in this contest. We ask you to flex your muscles by having you photoshop children doing unbelievably powerful deeds. Choose the image of your choice and show unbelievably strong children ( ages 12 and under) as in the theme post.

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