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Funny Strongest Pictures

Stay Strong Keep FightingFunny Stay Strong Keep Fighting
Member reactions:

Looks like a dream sequence and he fallen apart
still sheering on it, thats called sportsmanship

Only The Strongest Will Survive!Funny Only The Strongest Will Survive!
Member reactions:

Excellent work. Please do not use dashes(hyphens) in the entry title as they mess up with the site's logic of image naming. We had to reupload this chop from your original, since the entry was giving error due to a hyphen used in the entry title
Excellent Nice Collection of the characters and very well executed.
Good inclusion of Santa theme to Bean's Holiday
Nice work wanderer. Congrats on the bronze
Thank you, Friends. Advise for Mr.Bean never eat yellow snow.
Clean chop... Congrats on the cup, Wanderer

StrongFunny Strong
Member reactions:
I hope you like
Nice Look.... great job done on this chop well blended
Congratulations. Looks like a movie poster.

The Force is StrongFunny The Force is Strong
Member reactions:

Its hilarious to see all the past presidents in this attair using the star wars energy

Strong Man Lifting Little Barack ObamaFunny Strong Man Lifting Little Barack Obama
Member reactions:

Strong BeerFunny Strong Beer
Member reactions:

Strong Quake hits JapanFunny Strong Quake hits Japan
Member reactions:

quake hits japan

Strong Man Stopping TrainFunny Strong Man Stopping Train
Member reactions:

full view please sources
Great work putting all the sources in this harmonious composition.
Freaking mind blowing... Great use of sources and finding them too.
Thanks guys = --> Ah yes Funk, hunting for sources is always fun =p
gre8 work ... I think it's music of stop the train .. right .
Great chop, but why is the train driving on two separate tracks.
jtotheotothee - I guess i wasn't really going for "reggae" style or anything. I was just trying to make a literal depiction with the song title only. And about the yellow smoke it was supposed to translate into a sort of "glow" from the fireball. I do appreciate the input.. P.S. Oh you know RealMeert it's one of those new uber large trains that need double the track support. =p
Silver train for Matt. You stopped and caught it. Congratulations.
I was sure it's Hitspinner who made it .. Congrats on your silver , great work MatthewLynn
congrats on the silver. Very compelling and dynamic image.
That's COOL. I was sort of expecting that to be Superman, with his back to us, though...

Strong KidFunny Strong Kid
Member reactions:

Strong BurroFunny Strong Burro
Member reactions:

nice ghosting, a little smudgey in some of the shadow

Strong ChildrenFunny Strong Children - This is a themed contest. Do NOT edit the theme post. We are going to make children powerful and strong in this contest. We ask you to flex your muscles by having you photoshop children doing unbelievably powerful deeds. Choose the image of your choice and show unbelievably strong children ( ages 12 and under) as in the theme post.

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