STRESS. Now that this is NOT it's path I can relax enough to chop something to take my mind off the fact that it could still hit me.
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Thanks, and Pray for the folks in the Bahamas.
Sweetie, I sure have been praying for all.
The eye looks further off shore than this map shows as of this writing, so Hope you are doing ok, Gummy.
The sky's are clearing now, Gummy. Things are looking much brighter now as Dorian moves away.
Yes She is leaving and we didn't get any damage, but it sure scared the New Jersey out of me.

Funny They are symmetrical but stressed

They are symmetrical but stressed
Est-ce la tension du brexit .
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I thought this would top 5 Prince kills me
Tendu comme un string le Prince en effet ;D Merci beaucoup Cosmix

Funny Balance Beam Stress Test

Balance Beam Stress Test
Simone Biles

Funny Stress

Just Smokin'.
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Smoking is a Bad. Smoking GOOFS is Good. nice chop

Funny Stressed Woman

Stressed Woman

Funny Stress Release Digital Art

Stress Release Digital Art
Creating a pic is my escape valve.

Funny Stress

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Good looking picture. One thing that I would suggest is that you ad something to the bottom center. Not only does it look empty but the girls chopped legs look out of place. This could be hidden by a "review" or something like that.
wonder why part of leg is mssing, nielsdb says, this could be fixed.
just too let everybody know, the leg is fuzzy "cause that's how it was on the lady doing yoga...kinda clody-like, that's what i was going for- but thanx for the help

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