Strawberry Pineapple
Strawberry Pineapple
Strawberry Pineapple. Member reactions:
A Beauty, Pro work laying down the strawberry texture.
Thank you hobbit, Reg. I tried to place her in other chops, but in the end I just let her stand on her own.
Great job (though those new "ears" are kind of freaky - ha).
Love the reflection too. It makes for a sweet stand alone.

Funny Albino Strawberry

Albino Strawberry
Member reactions:
This is very different from standard freakshowe fare
This does have a certain beauty about it.

Funny Angry Strawberry

Angry Strawberry
Member reactions:
That strawberry looks like he is ready to battle Captain America.

Funny Strawberry Elephant

Strawberry Elephant
Member reactions:
Ha, ha, ha, amusing chop. I would have left the original eyes. Just an opinion.

Funny Strawberry Pumpkin

Strawberry Pumpkin
Member reactions:
This it too lovely strawberry ... Love to see this mix breed
Looks awesome did you made too the one from Worth1000.
yes I did Sunshine. It's just a different background and I added the hand but used the same strawberry/pumpkin.
Now this here is CREATIVE THINKING. Makes one wonder if it is genetically possible

Funny Strawberry with a Broken Heart

Strawberry with a Broken Heart
Member reactions:
Makes me want to pay closer attention to my strawberries before I eat them.
She is so beautiful, especially her lips, Pls do not cry i can't able to kiss you Excellent work on this image

Funny Fruit Salad People with Barack Obama the Strawberry Man

Fruit Salad People with Barack Obama the Strawberry Man
Member reactions:
Very cute, very clean and very colorful, hidden...nicely done.
Thanks for the nice comments..
Congrats oo0cns0oo, great effort and vivid colors
Bronze congrats Cns, wonderful it.
Gotta love how you did the whole bodies, not just the faces. Congrats on the bronze, cns.

Funny Albino Strawberry

Albino Strawberry
Member reactions:
Nice work on the berry. Just clean up the edges a bit on the leaves and add a slight shadow to show some separation between the leaf and the berry.

Funny Eating a Strawberry Frog

Eating a Strawberry Frog
Member reactions:
I hope that isn't one of those red, poisonous dart frogs. Good piece though.
I would like to see some seeds or maybe a green leafy top.

Funny Baby Strawberry in a Dish

Baby Strawberry in a Dish
Member reactions:
Yummy and great texture work. The leaf hat is the cherry on top. Or should I say strawberry on top, .

Funny Strawberry

Photoshop this strawberry image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: merging this strawberry with some other fruits or objects, using this strawberry image in advertisements, movies, paintings, putting the strawberry into some unusual environment. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Mohamed Aly and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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